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Re: Dental implant, sinus lift & bone graft

.. so today I'm finished! abutment & crown placed!!!


  I am so very  happy. 


Maybe I will do the other side.... in 2016


I had to pay for the sinus lift in full $1500.  My insurance & DH insurance covered all of the other expenses. $0 paid by me.

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Re: Dental implant, sinus lift & bone graft

Mary, first let me say, I am not worthy (lol).  I have a couple of missing back teeth that have been gone for many, many years.  I was just looking yesterday at implants in the upper jaw.  When I read that dentists said, oh sure, it's never too late.  Just know your sinuses drop, you might need a bone graft etc.


I have a periodic cleaning with my dentist this weekend.  I will be discussing a flexible partial.


Maybe if I need one on my lower jaw in the future, I'll be willing to take a crack at it, after extraction.


I don't have what it takes to go through all that drama-lama for an upper implant.


I am so happy that you made it through the process, again I am not worthy (lol).

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Re: Dental implant, sinus lift & bone graft

You people are so brave, I'm glad I read this thread because I know now I will never opt for a dental implant. I'm in my mid sixties and will not put my self through that, I just had a root canal and it was murder. Yup, I'll get my teeth pulled and go to a good prostadontist for the dentures.

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Re: Dental implant, sinus lift & bone graft

@namealreadytaken wrote:

For those of you who do not understand our plight and who suffer the suicide disease, here is a link I hope you will read and consider it could be you, your daughter, your mother or yourself.

I just now read your link to the condition.  I had never heard of TN, but since I just got back from the dentist (lots of work done) I saw this thread and wanted to read it.  All I can say is how sorry I am for those of you who suffer terrible pain from TN.   It's so sad realizing how you suffer in pain.

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Re: Dental implant, sinus lift & bone graft

For those who have had dental implants, does $5000 per tooth sound right? I know costs can vary but that's what my dentist is quoting me for two that broke and another which has had a crown for years. This dentist says he can do the whole procedure. Is it typical not to use a specialsit?


Thanks for your input.

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Re: Dental implant, sinus lift & bone graft

I am updating my own post, my implants are fine but the top removable bridge did not fit well, I am not sure what is going on. But my dentist iis able to use the implant sites for posts and hopefully as of tonight I will have a non removable bridge on the top and an implant assisted bridge on the bottom


@I am still oxox wrote:

Four implants done on the top last Feb, two done on bottom last September, all have been reveled. I am having impressions and things done and in about 6 more weeks I will have beautiful teeth.

I have had issue with the top or bottom, I did swell horrible when the top were done






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Re: Dental implant, sinus lift & bone graft

@SerenityNowMyndi wrote:
On 2/1/2015 namealreadytaken said:
On 2/1/2015 SerenityNowMyndi said:
On 1/31/2015 namealreadytaken said:

I now have a terribly painful condition called trigeminal neuralgia as a result. I had taken the maximum dose of antiepileptic drugs for the pain to no avail and no pain medication even touches the pain.


I feel for you, namealreadytaken. I have this condition, also. I've had it for over 10 yrs. I have the atypical TN, which is not a good candidate for surgery or other treatments. It really stopped me being able to life my life. I hope your treatments go well, and you return to pain-free living.

Thank you, Sweet one. I do wish you well also. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts and I will do the same for you. I have had it only since 2009 and I do not know how you have borne it this long. Antiepileptics only last for a time and then their efficacy wears off. This is such a rare disease, not much attention paid to it but I hope some of us can open the eyes of the public to this, also known as the suicide disease.

I have learned to micro-manage my triggers. For instance, I never ever go to a restaurant during peak hours, because there is more of a risk for screaming kids (one of my worst triggers is that certain high-pitched octave that kids reach). So, we eat at off-peak hours. I keep ear plugs with me at all times, in case we are somewhere that gets noisy. I rarely go to movie theaters, because I can't control the sound level there. My dh is kind enough to do the kitchen duties, because one of my worst triggers is dish noises, such as dropping a plate on the counter or even a fork or spoon making contact with a dish, while eating. Other triggers are picketing effect of light flashing through the trees, or oncoming headlights at night. While traveling during hours with glare, I have had to wear a mask over my eyes, while my husband drives. Don't get to enjoy much scenery, but at least the TN isn't triggered.

I find that, at least in me, TN is always 'there,' but it is like a dial on a radio. I'll be having a good day & feel normal, then BOOM! Dog barks, dish drops near me, some type of trigger happens. Then the lightning strikes and the TN is activated, & the dial of pain is turned on & cranked up. My husband & son & even our dogs are all conditioned to a loud noise for my sake, and everybody moves into commando-mode to make the noise stop-our dogs even remove themselves from the room if it was one of them forgetting & barking near me! God bless them, somehow they know.

@If the TN wasn't activated to 100%, then I have to be exceedingly careful for days or even weeks, to make sure it doesn't get more triggers worsening the pain level, like a dial on a radio adjusting volume. Eventually it calms back down, but can take an agonizingly long time. In me, it is a constant crushing burning pain, accompanied by intermittent lightning strikes. I didn't even know the physical body could endure that much pain & still stay conscious. At the worst, I was in so much agony that I couldn't sleep, and was only able to catch a few moments rest by dreaming that terrible things were happening to the affected side of my face. For example, in one dream I was shot in the right side of my face @ point-blank range. I realized later that this was my dreaming mind's way of explaining the pain to keep me asleep for a few precious seconds longer, before I would wake up in agony again. It has been a living nightmare, and I definitely hold fellow sufferers in my prayers. Godspeed.

  Good Lord, that sounds harrowing. I'm so sorry you have to live with this.............(((hugs)))