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I don't know how many of you are senior citizens but speaking as one, it totally irks me that all the things we need as we age are NOT paid for by dental, no eye glasses, no hearing aids!

DIdn't we work and pay into Medicare most of our lives?????

Now, my state is providing dental care to Medicaid recipients.  I understand this and think it is a mostly good thing but JEEZE!!! what about us?????

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Dental costs vary immensely especially due to geographics.   A dental cleaning will not cost nearly as much in a rural area as it would in the city.   It's mostly a matter of location.

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My payment is $27 after insurance.

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@SANNA wrote:

@drizzellla wrote:

Last time I got my teeth cleaned it cost $250. No xrays just a cleaning.

This is outrageous !!!


I think so too. That is why I want to find a new Dentist. 

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Re: Dental cleaning costs

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In addition to that clinic I mentioned, our community also has a dental institute where people can go and have work done by dentists-in-training. That's an option which some people may not know exists in their area. It pays to check and see if you have one in your area. The savings are significant.

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Re: Dental cleaning costs

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Two weeks ago I had my teeth cleaned and I had  X- rays and it cost me $330. The dentist I wanted to see was booked until November and since I have braces on my teeth I wanted to get my teeth cleaned.

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My hygienist charges $115, we don't have dental insurance. It was $105, but they added a COVID charge this year. 

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I pay $130 for hygienist cleaning and follow up cursory check by the dentist. I don’t have dental insurance but am fortunate to have good teeth. I used to go every six months but have backed off to once a year and dentist said that’s fine.

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$89 for me in WV.

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I just went last week and it was $79 for the cleaning.  I go every 4 months, always have.  I just prefer it and I can skip if I need to (as I did last year).

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