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@jordan2Don't do it, Jordan.  My hygenist said now that I do not have dental insurance, even once a year is enough..Previously I went two times per year.

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I pay $90 for teeth cleaning. Other services like x-ray usually push my bill way over that amount.

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I'm lucky to have a special dental clinic here in my area where the charges are based on your income level, a sliding scale sort of thing, so the prices they charge for one person's cleaning may not be the same as another person's cleaning. I'm not rich. I live off of my own retirement income alone and it's modest. That dental clinic is a godsend for me. I don't have dental insurance but they would honor it if I had it and that would bring the cost down even further.

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Where I live there are always a lot of coupons for first time patients.  I recently paid $99 for cleaning and x-rays.  She was going to take 18 xray points and I said I just want what came with the $99 deal so she said "oh" and gave me four xray points.  Glad I said something!


Regular price with 18 point xray is $257 ouch.  I believe just a cleaning was $80.

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@jordan2 wrote:

I don't have dental coverage, I pay about $195 for a cleaning and $240+ for an exam and x-rays. I go twice a year for a cleaning, the hygienist said to me last visit I should get a cleaning every 4 months! At these rates I can't afford to go 3 times a year, I told her every 6 months is good enough.

Very overpriced!!!!

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@drizzellla wrote:

Last time I got my teeth cleaned it cost $250. No xrays just a cleaning.

This is outrageous !!!

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We are charged $123.00 for cleaning, no special issues that require extra procedures for cleaning.

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If I recall, I think it’s $140 for cleaning and checkup, and $240 for X-ray and cleaning and checkup. That’s with Dental Save discount.
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I think that is wonderful that it is available to you.  That is a real God-send and a praise.

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My dentist used to be reasonable , but since he sold the practice to his daughter & son in law , the prices go up and up .