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Re: Dental Bridges and Implants

On 11/20/2014 kingtut said:

This may be a silly question, but if you have to have many teeth replaced or implants with a bridge how do you eat while the work is being done. I need a full bottom replacement -- had caps and crowns etc but teeth decayed -- looks like if I agree to the implants I will be on soft foods for six months or more -- with no teeth to help. Or do they do something temporary?

Have lost my own dentist since I moved too far away and am not sure of the ones here. One told me about the implants but apparently did not do the crowns and could or would not answer the question about how I was to eat.

My parents had dentures since their forties -- I thin my mother had one little repair done in the next 40 years.

i am now in my eighties and don't want to go through with this

Yes. You get a temporary bridge.

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