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Re: Dementia and Hallucinations

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@hckynutjohn ... If my husband did not have a positive life affirming, want to be strong attitude, he wouldn't be alive today with all he's been through.


So no, I was not being a pessimist if you had any doubts. Cat Wink


@granddi .... Thank you, you were absolutely correct. 

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Re: Dementia and Hallucinations

@Jo1313 wrote:

Is anyone dealing with a loved one with dementia that also has hallucinations?


He has short term memory loss. Plus He sees things that aren't there..Ex: other people are living here(not true)..When I say show me where they are..he says they're gone for now.

He gets frustrated when I say he 's wrong.


There are times I want to bang my head against the wall! We don't have family here.


He goes the the cardioligist next week..there has been no change in medication.


I've dealt with family members that had dementia but not hallucinations.

I'm so sorry.  Unfortunately, I do have experience with dementia.  My precious Gram had it.  Hallucinations are very common, a staple of the disease if you will.  They see stuff we don't and we just have to go with it.  Don't frustrate yourself and try and convince him whatever he sees is not there.  To him, it's as real as your hands are to you.  Just roll with it. 


My Grandma used to say that birds were nesting in her bed.  We would just say we would get those birds out of there.  Every morning the same thing.  Just ride the wave of their world.     

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

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Re: Dementia and Hallucinations

@Jo1313 My dear mother currently has this horrible disease.  It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever gone through.  She has had hallucinations from time to time.  We had some curtains in the dining room with a toile pattern and I noticed she would also be pointing over to the window and getting agitated.  I think she was imagining faces there.  We replaced them with plain white ones and she no longer seems to be agitated like that at meal times.  Other times she will point over to a corner and act scared saying someone is there.  I just yell at them to "get out" and then tell her they are gone and that seems to work.