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@daisyk  I have no words of wisdom but wish you the best.  DH had two forms of stage 4 cancer and went through many rounds of chemo.  Even though I went with him to some of his treatments, I think that he just knew that he had to do it.  Maybe, if you feel up to it after each procedure, you can do something fun that will give you something to look forward to.  Everyone experiences different after-effects from chemo, so choose something that you like, even if it is a day or two after.  I do know that DH's chemo sessions were quite social, with many of the same people there each week.  They, along with the staff, were so supportive of each other.

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I had IDC and chemo 13 years ago.  Then another bout 5 years ago, this time radiation.  There is no easy way through this, just use image of chemo as your weapon against the cancer. 

But I do have a website that helped me greatly.  Specifically the Discussion Boards.  They have IDC section, Chemo section, etc.  These are populated by people going through excatly what you are, and you will gain a lot of insight, helpful hints and support.  There are also areas where you can get the latest information on many topics related to your journey.

Not and easy journey, but it is doable.  Think of all of us who have been there as being "in your pocket" next treatment offering our support and prayers.  You can do this!

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@daisyk   I personally cannot give words of wisdom, but my mother went through rounds of chemo and she always said, "I can, and I will."  She refrained from looking back and focused on looking forward.   


Stay strong and (((hugs))).  Many nice people on this forum are here to help you get through this..Smiley Happy



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Remember you are going through treatment.  You need to concentrate on the end result.  You will be tired and you should rest.  Don't stress that you have no energy, that's to be expected.  You will likely get more tired, if that's a word, as time goes on.  Nutrition can help a little with that.  Talk with the nutritionist at the chemo center.I


I went through six rounds of treatment.  I was a couch potato.  It was all I could do to get up get dressed and go sit in the living room.  I don't mention this to make you feel worse, but this is the reality.  Don't fight it.  It will be in the rear view mirror before you know it.


Count your treatments.  Made it through one, going to two.  Now I'm 1/4 of the way done.  I kept my brain focused on the next treatment.  I didn't worry about what is next.


Best luck to you.  You can do this.

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@daisyk - I did not have chemo, however, I had a summer of radiation. Nothing about it is a picnic that is for sure. The fatigue caught up with my at about 5 weeks. Then it was like I hit a brick wall at full speed. You really have to give in and take as many naps as you need during the day. I was sleeping about 12 hours a day.


I went to the gym every day and refused to let this get me and interupt my routine - I'm stubborn like that, lol. There was a gal there going through chemo and we became friendly. She asked how I had so much energy and I explained my gym routine. I suggested she take some walks every day increasing the distance every day. She purchased a pedometer and was thrilled at how much more energy she had.


My last day of treatment was not the same as hers - she had another week to go. However, my hubby drove me and we went to a local place for a celebratory drink.


YOU CAN DO THIS, BECAUSE YOU ARE A STRONG WOMAN going through something that s*cks.


Don't forget to ring that bell when you are done - its a great feeling. Keep us posted on your progress, please. 

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@daisyk I am sorry you are dealing with this health issue...I only have experience via my mom....her first few chemo treatrements went well then she hit the wall, it just took everything out of her....even to the point that driving past the treatment center made her sick to her stomach, even years later....sorry, I know that is not positive for you but if you can focus on 1 down 8 left to go...and  on and on....and maybe some sort of treat after the treatment that may help.  


Conserve your energy as best you can, I have read if you can get some sort of exercise that may help but if you are not feeling well, I understand that is the last thing you want to do.


Sometimes I find comfort in my girl friends...girl talk, laughing etc.  that may help on occasion.


Take care.

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Have not experienced this, but be very kind to yourself.

Give your body and mind all the rest possible. If you need help ask for it. If possible pay 💰 to have chores done, your health is worth more than anything.


Watch movies that transport you, especially comedies.

Maybe a bit of online retail therapy?

If you can read indulge yourself with all your faves,

mysteries, romances.

Relaxing music, Pacabel, Ravel, Beethoven etc.


Allow yourself to feel, ok to cry, to fear.

Courage is not the absence of fear—-but taking action 

anyway. Churchill sad courage is grace under pressure.


Blessings to you, strength and health.

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@daisyk-----first--I am so sorry for this dx!! second----go to the cancer survivers board here; thats where I "live " There are many wonderful people there to help , listen to you and offer up their experiences. I had breast cance in 2012. Went thru 5 months of chemo and 33 radiations treatments. I had invasive form of cancer that has escaped my memory as to what it was called---but a huge lump was found---had mastectomy with 6 of 8 nodes removed. Had all that done before chemo. Had 4 rounds 2 weeks apart , then 12 weekly rounds. I did pretty good until the last month; then  it was tough. I lost my hair before the 2nd round of treatment. and I was very tired and fatigued, but by the end of the first week I started to feel alot better . I did go back to get a shot, the day after each chemo during the first rounds.. All I can say is----drink alot of liquids, eat good,clean food and if you need too, scream and yell and cry to let off steam. It is very hard and demanding but you will do this just as you have faced other things in your life. Ask alot of questions of your team too--you are the boss and YOU decide what is what!!! Glad you have support at home. This is terrifying, I know. It's been 7 years past all this for me. I opted for a really aggressive tretment plan too. Just wanted it over with. Also---my hair grew back just fine. Don't know if this helped but please go visit the cancer board!!



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First, let me give you my prayers and a hug.  I had breast cancer 9  years ago-mastectomy-no radiation as nodes were clear.  Had 4 chemo treatments every 3 weeks.

My advice is to  listen to your body-if you are tired, please rest.  I would feel good the day after chemo from all the steroids, but the next day was the "down day".  My husband hired a cleaning lady to help and that was a Godsend.   Your mental attitude is also very important-I was just not going to let it get me-I had too many quilts to make and too many grandchildren to love.  Positive thoughts mean so much.

You WILL be fine-just fight and take care of YOU.

God Bless you.


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No words of wisdom, but you're in my prayers.