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Why did you take this? 

I've read that some studies show improvements in Bone Density with this supplement?

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Gee, that was a popular "supplement" quite some years ago ... If I recall ... it was touted a an anti-aging item.


I aked my doctor about it at the time, and she advised against it.  I don't remember the "why" ... only that she said don't do it.


You might want to check online at WebMD - uses, side effects and interaction.

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You might want to have your level checked. I was actually told to take DHEA by my endo as my level was low. I believe it's one of those that decline with age. 

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DHEA is a hormone pre-cursor. Meaning it can boost either estrogen or testosterone. Many guys over 40 take it to boost test, not just for the bedroom but to fight belly fat and increase muscle strength. 


The trick is, you don't know what hormone you're going to boost until you take it. My dr recommended just 5mg a day but in a week I was a raging B. Boosted my testerone.


I tried 7 keto DHEA but on a small dose it boosted my estrogen.


If you try it, start small like 25mg a day. I read Mayo & Livestrong. Avoiding WebMD like the plague.