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Re: DH was bitten by a dog yesterday..

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I wasn't sure where to post this, but had an eye opening experience yesterday.  My DH walks daily in our neighborhood.  We have walking trails, sidewalks etc.  He was walking on one of the trails and a lady approached with 2 dogs on leashes.  My DH stepped completely off the trail to give her room to go by.  One dog growled and in the blink of an eye, the other jumped and bit him on his forearm.  DH did not provoke at all.  Needless to say this was upsetting as he is 72 with COPD and recently had surgery for colon cancer.  The lady said "did he get you?" and my husband said yes, and she said I'm sorry.  He asked her address and she went on her way.  DH called me and when he got home, we went to urgent care.  They cleaned his arm, bandaged it,  gave him a tetanus shot and put him on antibiotics for a week.  They called Animal Control who came to see us and took the report.


We learned from the doctor that when bit by any animal it's imperative to get it checked.  Infection from animal bites can be devastating and you can wind up in a hospital.  Surprisingly, cat bites are worse than dog bites.  So, if you are ever bit, don't just fluff it off, even if the animal has had its shots or is a pet.  He also told us he sees people in urgent care all the time because they have been bitten, so I guess its more common than I ever thought. 



@sunsetbeach   Your poor DH, how scary and painful, glad he is on the mend.