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After reading the post by wismiss, I feel so sorry for her, I don't feel like I should post this. But, here goes.

I won't go into detail, as I know I have before, but I'm 67, an only child and grandchild - everyone in my family were alcoholic and are long gone except for my 3 adult children who do not live close. I have struggled with depression and anxiety probably since I was a teen, but did not get treatment until I was about 50. After a 40 year marriage, we were divorced. I now live alone in a condo, have wonderful neighbors, good friends, and I'm involved in several organizations. I don't just sit around .... I'm "out there." Well, for the passed year or so I have had ups and downs, several times a day, very rapidly, sometimes changing 3x in one day. They are not the extremes as in bipolar where the "high" is way high and lasts for several days, and the "lows" extremely low and also last for several days, and folks often exhibit bizarre behavior. These are much more subtle and happen rapidly throughout the day. I saw my Psychiatrist who gave me a mood chart to fill out and it's amazing. It's as if I'm looking at soft waves in the ocean. Yesterday there were 3 changes within one 24 hour period of time. I go back this week and my therapist told me it sounds very much like cyclothymia, which is genetic, and can as time progresses turn into bipolar. I'm sure my Psychiatrist will increase one of my meds (Lamictal) which is a mood stabilizer that does not have the detrimental effects of Lithium. This whole thing scares me .... the thought of being alone, and even the remotest of possibilities that it could become bipolar ..... well, what would become of me? I know there's good meds. for bopolar, but the "alone" part is frightening. Thanks for listening to me ramble on.