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Yea!  I'm getting my first vaccine shot on Tuesday.


Here's what happened.  I have a good friend and neighbor.  We've been friends for about 42 years.


We were texting each other websites we could apply to.  She's 74 like me.  I have another friend and neighbor whom I eat lunch out with about 4 times a week, but she's only 65 with slight asthma.


One day last week, she called me (we always text) so I was surprised.  She said she'd gotten a call to get the vaccine from two separate sites within minutes apart.  


When she got the second call she asked the person calling if she could give this vaccine to a friend of her's who's 74 too.


The phone lady said, "Sure I don't have a problem with that".  


My friend said I should be hearing from her soon.  About 45 minutes later the lady called and asked me if I'd be available for this coming Tuesday.  I said, "Tell me where and time and I'll make sure I'm there".


I told my friend that I wondered why they ask your etheniticy over and over.  She is African American.  She said she thinks they're trying to keep track of who's getting the vaccine.


I still haven't gotten a call about the vaccine and I lost count at the places I've registered and all of the people I've spoken with.


I never thought I'd be looking forward to getting a shot as I am with this.  


I have an autoimmune disease (IGG) where I don't produce immunity.  If I get sick it's very difficult to get rid of the illness.  That's true even for a cold, etc.


I thought for sure that my age and the autoimmune disease would move me up in the lists, boy was I wrong.


Anyway, I told my daughters and the youngest that helped me this past Spring and Summer when I broke my back said, "Mom!  Did your tell the ladies in the QVC thing you type on?"  


I thought that was funny.  She'd sit in the same room with me but I'd be texting all of you and she'd be reading or watching TV.  Sometimes she'd say, "What are the QVC ladies saying?"


Anyway, when I speak to her later today, I'll be sure to tell her that I've told my QVC friends I'm getting the first Covid vaccine shot.  Ha!


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Congrats @annabellethecat,  I was able to get my first shot on Friday.   I was so relieved to get it as I am teaching and I also have some medical conditions.   I have been staying away from my elderly parents and want to feel better about visiting them.  They had their 2nd shot this week too.   I had no problems with the first shot other than my arm was a little sore for about 24 hours.   I had to drive about 45 minutes to get it but it was well worth the trip.  

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I missed you Annabelthecat.  It's been a while since we heard from you or else I just missed your post.  I'm glad that you are finally getting the vaccine.  We got ours about two weeks ago at the Government Center.  It was a piece of cake. No discomfort at all.  Waiting to hear when our second shot will be.  All the best to you.

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Good luck!


I'm 66 and plan on waiting to see about long term safety.

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On the list(s) and waiting for an appointment for my age group (73).

Right now, we in single digits during the day and - double digits at night sooo I actually hope no one calls for another week! Not thrilled about leaving the house for any reason . . . even that precious vaccine. Smiley Wink

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Not taking any vaccine that has been "fast tracked."  Will wait for the ones that have been tested properly, gone through ALL the trials, etc.  Even then, I'll think about it!

"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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While I am eligible for the vaccine and am trying to get an appointment, I would wait if our school teachers could get vaccinated first.

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If people who are leary about getting the vaccine would just do some research and LEARN about it and how it was developed,  they would feel much more confident about getting it.  The vaccine was NOT created over night.  It has been in the works for many years.  It was fine tuned to deal with COVID.  Scientists have been preparing for this for a long time.  READ!!!!! 

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@bargain girls 


Thank you for your words of wisdom.  I am a senior citizen and I have received Dose #1  I did it to protect myself,but also to protect others and to hasten the process of getting our country back to pre-pandemic normal..  My Dose # 2 is in about three weeks.  So far, I have experienced minimal side effects.  If you are able, everyone, please consider this vaccination. 

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@haddon9 wrote:

Good luck!


I'm 66 and plan on waiting to see about long term safety.

Get it now, I got both of mine, and no problem. I see in our paper people I know have died from it. And their your age and younger.They wanted to wait too. I'm 87, have Chronic obstrutive lung disease, had open heart surgery, rheunatoid arthritis.,caritd surgery twice, and I'm still here to say please protect yourself . and get the vaccine.