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Re: Covid Vaccine After Having Covid News

@agb80 wrote:

@pitdakotayes, it's extremely scary yet there are still those who are stating in print and in the news that by April we will have herd immunity and life can start to resemble what it was before.  How can that be true?  I certainly don't believe one word of it but many do.  People went into Krogers yesterday with a megaphone screaming to take off our face masks....that it was time.  People everywhere are refusing to wear one after they've gained admittance into a business that requires it and just taking it off. We will wear one everyday for however long it takes....but this certainly wasn't what we were looking forward to in our retirement which began in Feb of last year. 



@agb80, I would question any "expert" that said we would be at herd immunity as a result of vaccinations by April so that we would be back to normal by then, first and foremost.  That ain't happening in my lowly opinion.  Not like I think you mean that in terms of everything being back to normal as it was prepandemic days. Progress may certainly be taking place by easing some restrictions a little at a time during the spring for sure.  But I just don't see how this country will be open for business and gatherings as before covid-19 by April happening in the country as a whole.  It certainly may vary from area to area though.


No doubt we probably will have a few more vaccines approved by late spring, but getting them produced and into arms is a whole nother challenge that will take time.  


My advice is to keep on doing what you have been doing and don't try to put a timeline on when things will get "back to normal".  That will also depend on community transmission, etc.  


When looking at getting out of a pandemic one anticipates it is one step at a time.  Usually even with big outbreaks such as ebola, it is an easy does it approach letting up on restrictions, precautions, gradually as data indicates while monitoring for a resurgence of the disease.  It doesn't usually happen all at once.  


 There will always be yahoots out there, such as the ones you cite saying to stop wearing masks.  They probably didn't wear masks to begin with & defied all the precautions from the get go. There will always be those that are rebels and trying to upset the apple cart. 


So steady as she goes and if you are pleasantly surprised by things speeding up, great!  But in the meantime, just keep on keeping on and let the experts do their job. 

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Re: Covid Vaccine After Having Covid News

France is not the country to follow. They have very few vaccines available, no wating list for people with conditions that put them at risk. Talking to my sister every day( she is in Paris) . She is 73, and believes she will be lucky to get vaccinated by the end of August.

it was the same story with the masks which “were not useful” since they did not have any, before  becoming mandatory - when they had them, and are now compulsory or you will be fined $150.