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@nanny24 - I found this link very helpful when trying to figure out quarantine info.  If you scroll down the page just a little, there is a button for an isolation & exposure calculator.  I think this is ok to post since it is a government site (CDC) and nothing for sale or advertised.  


CDC Covid calculator 

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The currrant standard is 5 days quarantine and then 5 days masking after day one of having symptoms.  



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I don't know what is correct, but I would follow what my physician told me to do with respect to quarantine and masking. 

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We had Covid last July. I was congested for about 4 days but tested negative. Then on day 5 I got a positive test. We never saw a doctor we just stayed home. Once we got a negative Covid test we went out. Never masked. 

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My doctor told my sister to quarantine for five days.  She didn't mention anything about masking.  Though, here in NYC we have a lot of RSV and the Flu plus Covid.  Her symptoms were primarily a really bad head cold.


For me, personally, I wear a mask every time I go in public.  Doesn't matter where in public.  I wear the N95 when I go to my doctors office and high traffic areas.


If you're not absolutely sure how long to quarantine, go check out the CDC website to be certain.

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To be frank here, it's only a difference of three days masking between the two different doctors instructions. It's not like it's three weeks or something. Woman Frustrated


My husband and I also got Covid for the first time at Thanksgiving. And it was not what I would call mild cases. Going forward we have gone back to masking whenever we go out. My thinking is I had Covid for Thanksgiving and I'm going to do my level best not to have flu or some other virus for the new year. I've had enough!!!   

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One of my brothers has had Covid 2x; first time his only complaint was he felt "off"; no aches, pains, coughing, sniffles, just not quite himself.  2nd time one side of his nose was stuffy.  

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@nanny24  Go with what your doctor advises you to do (unless you have reason not to trust their advice).

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I would rather be safe than sorry. I don't want it! Not saying I couldn't get it anyway but so far so good.

I can't believe all the people that get covid and the flu. A lot of them act like no big deal because they still continue to go out without a mask. 

I'm on a world wide chat you tube channel and the people on there that have it is a ton and it seems like they've been sick forever. 

I am happy to wear a mask!

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I don't even know if I have had any varient of this virus. If I did I must have just cruised right through it. As I have said previously, I have seen my PCP/Cardiologist/Hematologist/Gastroenterologist/been an in-patient 3 different times.


Not 1 of my doctors, or any of the nurses in the hospital or doctors offices, asked me if I have had any varient of this virus. And through and during all of this, I have not been tested, or asked to be tested a single time.


I just go about my business at hand. If a mask is required, I wear one. If not, ain't no way I am going to willingly restrict my Vo2 capacity. I am an old man and have at the very least two comorbidities. Call me lucky/john/hckynut, or just nuts. Your choice.


hckynut 🇺🇸