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@JeanLouiseFinch  Yep. Insurance covers viagra for men but not hearing aids when I'm guessing more people need hearing aids than viagra.

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@Tara811 If you're on Facebook, there are two Costco fan groups called Costco Fans and Costco Favorites.  Join those groups, go to the search area, type in hearing aids, and you will find tons and tons of opinions on them!  You can ask questions about them, too, on those pages.  Most reviews seem to be favorable.

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My husband is extremely hard of hearing.  He went to an audiologist years ago and got fitted.  Our insurance covered most of the cost.  Fast forward -- he needed new ones so we went to Costco.  It was a very good experience and they were so helpful.  He has not regretted buying them from Costco.  The price is amazing.  

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@henderson I've been beating that drum for ages! Glad your DH is as happy as I am with Costco.

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Re: Costco hearing aids

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

@drizzellla I went to the Costco website and the Kirkland brand lists for $1400 for **a pair** , certainly not at the price you mentioned!   I don't know where you found Kirkland brand aids at $2600 *each*. Doesn't sound right.




I said that - "I bought hearing aides from an Audiologist. They were wonderful. But the plastic form that kept the hearing aid in your ear, broke. I could not get a replacement. So the $2,600 per ear hearing aid"


There is NO mention of Kirkland brand aids at $2,600 each.

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I've been wearing Miracle Ear hearing aids for the past 5 years.  In fact, tomorrow I will be going in for my yearly test and to get my second pair as the audiologist tells me my insurance will now pay 100% and the ones they cover are way above what I have now.  I figure, why not go for it as I will be on medicare come July and who knows what and if anything will be covered.  I'm not looking forward to this medicare stuff as I now have fantastic insurance.

Anywho, my audiologist had told me Costco sells amplifiers, not true hearing aids.  you get what you pay for I guess.

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Love Costco hearing aids.  Mine is going on 5 years and I was told it would last 3.  Since covid it is not as easy to get them cleaned but it can be done while you shop.  

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Re: Costco hearing aids

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Buying hearing aids at Costco is no different than buying glasses there. You can choose to have a hearing evaluation or vision exam there, or see another audiologist or optometrist, then bring your prescription or hearing aid info and purchase them at Costco to save a lot of money...the Kirkland Signature brand items are made by major name brands...and you can return if they don't work out of you....DH bought some prescription sunglasses there that are Kirkland Signature but made by RayBan...we compared the two pair and they are identical. The optician was very good and I know someone whose husband has worked for Costco in the optical dept. for ten years...and he knows these things! 

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I've been wearing Costco hearing aids for 3 years now and I have no complaints.  Being on Medicare price was a big factor, it was $1,600 vs, $6,000.  I would absolutely buy at Costco if I ever needed to replace what I have.  

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That’s exactly my issue I’m on Medicare and can’t afford 5-7