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The nutritional info. should be on the website.  ;All foods sold have tjhat info on the package.  I will not buy anything that does not include the info on it. $39.oo is too much to spend on bars without it.

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Purchased them. Tried them. Received a refund for them. Taste like cardboard.

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I know. I want to know the ingredients in all the food items plus all the cosmetics. I hat having to go looking on the web for the answers. Here is a link on the forums where I posted what I found on their site

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NOT low carb, NOT a healthy snack for diabetics. Also not at all impressive in the protein dept.


I also tasted some (which someone else bought).  BLEGH! Cardboard is about right. If they were the healthiest thing on the planet they still taste gross. In the end, at least half of them were thrown out by the person who bought them.


$39 (or $10) is too much to spend on a product that isn't really all that "healthy" and tastes like kwap besides.


I agree that QVC should be providing the information, but a 20-second google will get the info for anyone truly concerned.

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