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I have posted about the anxiety and stress that I am going through. My current problem is severe constipation. Laxatives don’t seem to be working. I will be contacting my doctor later this am but needed to reach out to someone at this early hour. I am just lonely and scared. Thanks so much for listening
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i'm listening. and said a prayer. you've been in my thoughts since your last post. words might not help much, but prayers will. 

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Praying for you!

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@gellen  I just opened my newletter from the People's Pharmacy which comes on Tues and Friday and there was an article today on natural remedies for constipation.


It said eating two kiwis a day would help constipation. You can look at rest of article if you wish.


For me, taking a daily probiotic helps keep me regular. I take Jarrow, Jarro-dophilus plus FOS , 3.4 billion units. I take 10 each night . I open the capsules and put in a little bit of filtered water along with a magnesium capsule. I can't swallow a pill.  That has helped me to be regular. 

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Not knowing your physical capabilities , excercise makes things "move" in the body, you also need to drink lots of water, I eat cooked oatmeal almost daily(not instant) and I add to it ground flaxseed, ground chia seed mix. Can be found on Amazon and not expensive. I don't  know about whether anxiety contributes to this, as I have my fair share but I remain "regular" but these things always work for me. However, if you haven't gone in like a week, you could be impacted. Get some enemas and use them too. If that doesn't work, you should go to your Dr. It can become serious if left untreated . Main thing is to do whatever you can, don't let your anxiety immobilize you. 

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Your best advice should come from your physician....

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My go to is shredded wheat and some cases..I need to take prune juice and "warm" water.

Have you tried Miralax mixed in any liquid..Miralax doesn't have a taste.Store brand is fine...I always keep that on hand.


Yes I feel( in my case) stress has a lot to do with it..

Medications can contribute to the issue. I always check medication possible side effects with my pharmacist..Most times they know more than the dr. when it comes to side effects.


Hope you get some relief and don't be afraid to ask.

Feel better..

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I take both 400 mg. magnesium and 1 fish oil capsule per day.

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 You've got friends right here on this board and we are all wishing you well.



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