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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

I was not going to have a colonoscopy done so I decided to try Cologuard... The results came back positive so I had to have the test done... Yuk - was not what I expected.  The prep was enough to kill you and spending almost 9 hours in the bathroom was a nightmare... So the test was done and lucky for me 4 polyps were removed and they were all pre-cancer...Wow what a shock for me...Doctor said it was a good thing I went to see him and I was glad too...So he wanted to see me in a year so I had another one done last week.  Another 3 polyps were removed - same thing again- and now I have to have it done again in three years.  Scares me to death but cancer does too.

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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

I felt fine the next day, actually started a new job.

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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

Hckynut--Thanks so very much for your compassionate response --you are so very kind.  Guess we kind of agree with the complexities of life and how we view them. I, too, believe that we have the capacity to make decisions about our lives and it's not always pleasant, but it's the right thing to do. I've heard the same responses you have regarding "no one.....".  Also no one is operating on my back--etc. until you walk in someone's' shoes, you cannot begin to imagine what theirs lives entail. So, thanks for your understanding and knowing our God is looking out for us--we're good.  

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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

@hckynut wrote:




I have 2 deceased friends that "didn't have time" for a Colonoscopy. Time "found them", it was called Colon Cancer, and it was a miserable death for both of them. Cologard shows many false negatives, a Colonoscopy does not.


Hey, everybody makes their own choices and prioritizes their time. We all live in the same 24 hour a day life, it isn't the time, it's the priorities that count. Many believe "it only happens to other people". That is why Colon Cancer is ONE of the few PREVENTABLE Cancers.


I didn't have time for my 2 heart attacks or my 2 back surgeries, but guess what? Time found me!






These are very wise words, John. Thank you for sharing them.


I am sorry about your health problems.


And I am sorry about your friends.


I have a good friend who's dying of colon cancer and it is a horrible, horrible thing. I grieve every time I talk to her. As do all her other friends and family members.


My doctor won't order the Cologard test for patients as she claims it's not as effective at detecting colon cancer as the manufacturer claims.


Please everyone, listen to Hckynut, go in for a colonoscopy and get screened. It's a whole lot easier than possibly dying of this horrible illness.


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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

@TX-starlight wrote:

@ECBG I was determined not to do a regular colonoscopy. I did the (sp)Colorguard (at home test). I don't have time for all the prep & next day effects. Ask your Dr. about it or google it. Nothing to it, except for the timing,lol.. 

I personally think everyone needs one normal colonoscopy. 


As for the prep, yeah it's not great but it doesn't take all day either.  A friend of mine just had one Friday.  It was scheduled for 8 a.m.   She didn't have to start her prep until the evening prior so she was able to work all day Thursday and start after she got home.  Yes she had to take off Friday for the test but she was fine by Saturday.       

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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

@hondagirl wrote:

After a few days still feel somewhat bloated and lots of gas... Any info from someone who also experienced side effects...



You can always take any anti-gas product .....  the ingredient you want is simethicone, which breaks down the intestinal gas you have.   Brand name or generic, it works in a few hours.

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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

It sounds like everyone reacts differently to colonoscopies...I have only had two and didn't experience any real after effects other than the day of the procedure...once it was over and I went home I just rested...but I was not put under; just had the "I don't care what you do to me" pill before I got there....if your symptoms persist, call your dr and maybe he can reassure you. You should have received a booklet outlining all the after effects you may experience. Depending on how and how involved yours was, guess your experience is normal.
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Re: Colonoscopy Done 5 days ago

This is a milestone birthday year so I have my first one scheduled for mid-August.  I’m to take 1/2 the prep at 4:30pm the evening before the exam. And then I will take the other 1/2 at 7:30am the day of the exam.  This is the first time I’ve heard of splitting the golightly drink.  The procedure itself is at 11:30.  I picked a later time so I didn’t have to be up at 3:00am to drink the stuff!