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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

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I had one about 25 years ago after having a GI event.   The prep required drinking a huge 2 gallon jug of indescribably salty liquid.  I cried as I tried to finish it all.  Being in the bathroom was nothing compared to that.  There are a variety of much easier preps today, so if anyone is planning the procedure, make sure you discuss the easier preps with your doc.


As far as the procedure itself, I had Versed and was completely awake, but "paralyzed" to say anything.  It was a nightmare for me in terms of the pain and has kept me from having a routine colonoscopy at this point.


Everyone reacts differently and no person can tell you it is always pain-free or always painful, but if anyone is at all concerned about comfort during the procedure, I hear that propofol is the drug of choice.  The doc I saw in consult recently guaranteed that I would go to sleep, wake up, and never know what happened with propofol.  So I am now trying to get over my fear and give it careful consideration.

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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

@goldensrbest  Yes, I can absolutely your fear of a colonoscopy.  I had the same thing w/my first procedure & tried my best to avoid it & also hearing of anyone's experience w/one.  I really didn't want to hear about it or do it, but sometimes life does not pay one bit of attention to what we want.


yes, the prep is inconvenient, to say the least, but if you express your fear ahead of the procedure, I just know the medical team can help you get thru it w/out extreme stress.


for me, I slept thru the whole thing & a couple hours after too.  The best sleep I'd had in years, to tell you the truth.


i go for my third in July.  I'm not thrilled, but as @MaggieMack said, the test is nothing compared to what could be if health issues are put off.


I wish you good luck & look forward to you telling us your prep story!  


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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

I had propofol. It takes 20 seconds to put you out and the recovery is very quick. I did not feel or hear anything as I "slept."

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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

Please don't put this important test off.  I just had my third last week.  My doctor uses the miralax, magnesium citrate prep.  Really if you have ever had a bad bout of food poisoning, you know what the prep will be like.  The procedure itself is easy, and I have never had any pain during or after.  I have one every three years because of strong family history.  I know what happens when fear keeps one from having the test, so talk to your doctor now.  You will be thankful you did, and so will your friends and family.

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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

I have heard nothing but horror stories about colonoscopies from friends and family. My sister was diagnosed with colon cancer as a senior. She had numerous surgeries and ended up dying anyway. I am now a senior, have no intention of having a colonoscopy, or being sliced and diced by doctors. I will leave it up to the Lord as to when it is my time to go.

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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

The first one I had was under light sedation. Not horrible, but much worse than full anesthesia. Where I go now is wonderful. You don't know anything until you wake up. For those that have experienced the "best sleep you have ever had", I believe it's because they use Profonol. I feel the same way and I asked what they would be giving me. That, and two other things. It's all they do, it's a huge facility and they do thousands. I feel like I'm in excellent hands!  


The prep stinks, no pun intended. Even with the easy method, I hate it. You just have to suck it up. 

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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

There used to be a really great prep on the market but I was told people weren't drinking enough water with it and it was taken off the market cause of potential kidney damage.   The new prep my office used made me really ill.  They want you to drink like a gallon of this stuff within a fairly short period of time.  It is awful.



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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

I know this discussion is important but, on a lighter note, we do have funny memories from our colonoscopies (DH and I).  My daughter (who is in her mid forties) took her Dad to get his.  When it was all over, the Dr. who did the procedure said to her, "Boy your Dad sure has led an interesting life".  I guess when DH was "under"  he told stories.  They asked my DD if he really was a Navy Seal?  Actually, he was in the the 1st infantry (better known and the Big Red 1).  He did go on a mission with the Navy Seals, to lead them down a river to where they needed to go BUT....he was not a Navy Seal....only when he is under!  Anyway, he had the attention of everyone in that room.

   Fast forward a couple of months and now it is my turn.....same Dr....same daughter took me to have my colonoscopy.  I was groggy and the the nurse in the recovery room said..."Let's set you up on the side of the bed".  I was still not dressed and in my surgical gown of course.  She sat me up too fast and my head started spinning (by the way, I don't remember any of this). The she said, "Oh, I am sorry....I see you are "Dizzy".  At that point, I stand up and start shaking my behind and singing..."Dizzy...I'm so dizzy my head is spinning, and it's you girl makin it spin.....You're making me Dizzy".  Remember that song?  My daughter tells me  I was dancing all over the place with the back of my gown open and my "you know what" hanging out for all to see.  She said she chased behind me trying to tie my gown together while everyone around cracked up.  DD has informed us both.....someone else can take us next time....she's had enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

If you have never had a colonoscopy, please make your appointment now with a GI doctor.


My 43 year old sister-in-law died three months after her diagnosis of colon cancer.

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Re: Colonoscopies, following John's discussion

I am a senior and have been informed they are no longer offered to anyone over 70 so our family discussions are around relief (no more horrible prep) and the realization that we are not given the rountine tests that might save our lives.