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Hi Just,,

I've used it for years, its a very good med.


For me its used as an "off shelf drug" meaning it can be used for other problems.

I myself don't use it for seizures/


Mine is and I snap it in half as I fine I don't need the full strength.


Its in what they call the BENZO category, which can become addictive if taken advantage of.


Many physicians are fearful of even writing scripts for them anymore, so its good that you found one who knows the pill and isn't going to let the system dictate what his or her patients are in need of...


Take the drug, as I said, unless you decided to feast on them like M&M's you should be fine with them. Its an old drug, been around for a long time.

Your physician will keep tabs on you.


You will hear horror stories about whatever you take these days, even Tylenol for goodness sakes...


I wish you well, don't be nervous.........Feel better...



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Go with what the doctor who prescribes the Clonazapam says. You can tell him or her what that other doctor said but, the prescribing physician is the one in charge.  You can also ask that they consult with each other since you are getting conflicting information.  

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@Justholdingon I have never taken that medication, but have taken at times pain medication that many people find addictive and have had zero problem quitting them when I no longer needed them.  IMO, in making the decision of what to take, consider your own history and that of other close relatives with regards to addiction.  Don't assume you will have a problem if you have not had it before!

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It is classified as a controlled substance and like many other drugs in its class, can be addictive. Epilepsy can be difficult to control. Never stop taking any prescribed drug for seizures without first talking to your doctor. Stopping them cold turkey can trigger a seizure. They will wean you off of it in a specific way if necessary or if they want to put you on a different seizure drug. I take lorazapam, also in the controlled substance class, as a rescue med when an aura occurs. I take two newer meds for seizure control that are not addictive. There are many new seizure drugs now; they are expensive but worth it. No ambulance trips is worth the price. Clonazapam and lorazapam are both old-school drugs used for seizures but also for anxiety, etc.They are generic names for other brand name anxiety drugs.  I would try whatever your dr prescribes and go from there. Taking it doesn't necessarily mean you will be addicted to it, but definitely voice your concerns to your dr.

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Taking this drug for seizures may not be the reason the VA men had it prescribed. I know many drugs that are classed as controlled substances are no longer being prescribed by the VA.

Controlled substances are still required for many for seizure control, at the lowest dosage possible, and with monitoring by a physician. Changing the drug requires weaning off of it, also with a physician's supervision. 

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@Justholdingon wrote:


I AM going to speak to the specialist who prescribed me the medication and if there are any alternatives for it. I was just wondering if anybody had any experiences with it. I was not asking for advice and certainly wouldn't follow up on the advice given by non medical shopping channel members.

Both doctors are neurologists ,but one is more specialized and one is more general. They are trying to work together as my case is rather complicated.

Thank you all for your thoughts on this and for not being sarcastic and mean.


@Justholdingon  I read your Post a few times looking to see where you asked for advice. I guess some people interepret things differently.


Really hope that both Doctors can come up with something that will work for you.


By the way, is that medication working for you?

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I have gone from klonazepam to gabapentin, lyrica and oxcarbazepine.  I think you can become addicted or your condition can become resistant to these drugs and you might need to be switched to something as effective but different.  However, as long as it is preventing seizures, I might be inclined to stay on it.  I am on oxcarbazepine and have been for several years.  It works for me.  


I don't worry about addiction at this point.  Anything that crosses the blood-brain barrier such as steroids, benzodiazepines (of which klonazepam is one) can become addictive and one must taper off gradually, but I think you should discuss with the professionals.  Please consider that before making any adjustments in your routine.


May G-d bless and keep you in control whatever decision is made by you and your physician(s).