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Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!

I am just writing to see what your experiences are with any of these meds.  Good or bad.  I have been struggling to get my readings down without meds and am not doingt well.  There are a ton of heart problems, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol issues in my genetics.  I have an upcoming doctor appointment coming up and I just know that I can't go any more without addressing this issue. 


I have heard that cholesterol drugs can cause tendon issues.  I have suffered with a tendon issue in my ankle for years and am fearful that these meds will cause me more issues --- more serious issues - with this. 


I read things on line and they say there is no proof really that these meds cause tendon issues, etc. 


However, I have to do something about my cholesteerol.  I am really worried about this!



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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!

@AngelPuppy1, I've been taking Simvastatin for over 10 years, and have never had any problems with it. My cholesterol was lowered once I started with it, and has remained in the normal range since then. No muscle or tendon problems at all for me. I think there were some issues with the statin drugs when they first came out, but I haven't talked with anyone who has problems with them now. Listen to your doctor!

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!

I have been perscribed a total of 7 routine meds, NOT counting my monthly infusion.  Most of the meds are necessary, IMO, for everyday use, however, I have recently started taking my statin every other day.  I have no issues directly from the statin, I just take so many meds, I have cut down on that one.  Also, my hormone cream, I am supposed to do "4 clicks" of the dispenser every day, and I have been doing only 3.  I still do it every day, just a little less of it.

I have worked in the medical field forever, although I am NOT clinical.  I have discussed this with RNs and LPNs at work and the next time I see my doc, I will discuss with him.

No problems for me so far, so I like it!!


Good luck with your next visit, @AngelPuppy1.  Just thought this might help you.

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!



Why are you worried about your cholesterol? 


If you are male and have been diagnosed with heart disease, there is a chance they might help you. Otherwise, all they can do is harm you. 


Do your research. Lots of studies and articles are available online. Do a search. 

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!


My 67 year old husband has taken a full strength aspirin, cholesterol and BP meds daily, for 20 years after surviving a heart attack.   We look at his situation as the meds controlling what he cannot.   His family history is also full of heart disease, high BP and cholesterol.   


I have 2 male cousins in their 70’s who probably would not be where they are today without cholesterol meds.   They have inherited seriously high cholesterol from their dad, and have struggled for more than 30 years to keep their numbers in range, even on medication.   Both are at their ideal weights, which is very thin to me.   The oldest is extremely rigid with his diet, eating mainly fish and chicken,  and red meat once a year on his birthday.  There is no way they can get thru life without this medication.   


My suggestion is to discuss this with your doctor, and if he’s leaning toward prescribing a med, ask to start out on a low dose of one that’s been around a long time with the best results.   


Best wishes to you.

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!

I hope you have better results than I have. My doctor has tried me on every one on the market so far with no luck. I have had allergic reactions to every one. I am now taking half a tablet of a low dose one and am still having reaction. I go back for a recheck in a couple of weeks. My dear mother swallowed a cholesterol pill every day for decades and her numbers always remained high. She lived to the tender age of 92. I am really frustrated with my doctor about this and the only reason I am compliant so far is because the insurance company is on her back AND mine to get those numbers down. I am type 2 diabetic, diet controlled, for several years. The meds I am taking now, one of the side effects is elevated blood sugar. So here we go....!  I did try fish oil and it worked, just didn't get the numbers down low enough to satisfy the doctor or ins. company.

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!



Hi AngelPuppy,


Like yourself, I had inherited that dreadful gene and my cholesterol shot up in 1999.  I was placed on Bacol, which was yanked by the FDA, due to rapidly rising adverse effects affecting muscle tissue (badly), so was switched to another.  Decided after 7 years to manage myself through diet and exercise, if possible.  I was able to bring myself down to 178, but the darn ratio remain off.  The bad cholesterol was winning the war.  Was placed on a minimum dose of Lipitor (2.5 mg per day) and don't have a problem with it.


AngelPuppy, the deal here is that you have family history and a drug which can intervene to help quell that bad cholesterol.  In cases like ours, the big deal is that our bodies make too much cholesterol, aside from that which we eat, so we get a double dose of bad cholesterol, if we are not watching every single morsel of food we place in our mouths.


Yes, we must be vigilant regarding the primary side effect of muscle damage, which is rather easy to detect.  This will have nothing to do with your previous injury.  If you start to experience pain in a or several muscles, you would notify your physician immediately.  You can also ask to be placed on a minimal dose at first.  I like the fact that I'm on a minimal dose.  However, my doc was able to do that, as I continue to monitor my food plan and try my darndest to stay away from saturated fat and the like.


All the best to you.

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!

I have high readings for so many years lost track, but, with a whole lot of walking my numbers are below 200. last check was done in 017 it was 198. haven't seen numbers that low in eons.


I take pravachol 20mg daily. I have been on this since the early 80's. I can't take any higher than 20mg, i get terrible leg cramps. keep at 20 i do ok.


i walk 2 miles a day 6 days a week.  


i cut out so much from my diet. NO alcohol, no soda , drink 90oz of water a day.  slow cooked chicken, only use water to slow cook all day. same with pork rolls, just plain water and simmer all day. no fried foods, no nothing. desserts, ah, what is that. I have 1 cookie a day. just a small one at that. you get use to it after a while. no sauces, no spices, no salt, no nothing any longer, but it seems to be doing its job. been like this for a couple of years eating very sparing, very blandly. 


i always fear that next test, will numbers be high again.

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!

I take Atorvastatin which is the generic of Lipitor, which only in the past few years has become available. Before the generic for Lipitor became available ( it was too expensive and I didn't have medication coverage) I was taking something else and wasn't getting very good results. Atorvastatin has worked wonders for me. For me it's genetics both parents had high cholesterol, I just produce it, my weight has no bearing on it.

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Re: Cholesterol Meds --- To take or not to take -- that is the BIG question!

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I took 20 mg of Lipitor for probably 5-6 years at the urging of my PCP when my total cholesterol without meds was around 150 (yes, I know there are more important components than just the total number but I'm not getting in to that right now). My mom's side of the family made cholesterol like it was their job, and had extensive history of stroke and heart attack, and she thought it was indicated as a preventative measure. After studies began to appear that showed that statins do absolutely nothing to prevent stroke or heart attacks in women, I had a long talk with my PCP about discontinuing it. She seemed incredulous that I wanted to stop it because I got it free since I worked for the manufacturer, so why not take it? She eventually agreed that I didn't need it. My last reading was a bit high - approaching 200, but the ratios were still all good. My current PCP wanted to have the statin talk and I told her absolutely no. No way, no how. 

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