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Re: Cataract Surgery Questions

@hckynut my husband may need the procedure. I'm wondering how long recovery is. Could he go back to his office job the next day, or are you told to rest the eyes for a period of time? I realize the doctor will explain it but I'm just curious about your experience.

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Re: Cataract Surgery Questions

bootsanne, I had both eyes done in 2014, not at the same time, something like a week or two apart.  It was easy, no pain, drops never stung.  It is true that the one part of the whole procedure was the nuisance of having to use the drops  but it was well worth the results.  I don't think going to work the next day is a good idea since your husband most likely will have to put drops in the eye periodically but that is up to his doctor. He will also have to keep the patch on until he is told to remove it.


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