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Any hints on how to control carpal wrist pain? Husband has a wrist splint glove on and taking NSAIDS. Hand is swelled up. Doesn't want surgery LOL

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If he doesn't want surgery he will have to tough it out.

Maybe it's much to early in the game,ah but I thought I'd ask you just the same
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Surgery really is the best option since it often cures the issue. The nerve is entrapped and pressing causing pain. Surgery releases the nerve.

I had severe pain for years did the splint the compression gloves etc -  no relief.

I had surgery one hand at a time, my non dominant first. Had excellent result with both.

The surgery was in a surgicenter, I didn’t have a lot of pain. Worst of it was showering with a plastic bag for  

2 weeks.

The key is finding a good doctor, who does this surgery very often.


I wish your husband health and good luck.


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Exactly right, I had a wonderful hand surgeon. It takes a few months (at least for me) for tingling/numbness to subside. One day, it's there and the next totally gone. It has a 95% success rate. Hope he will reconsider. Good luck.

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Re: Carpal tunnel

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He's 68 and still workiing at a job that requires typing, so, that would automatically help right now if he retired

Thanks for the surgery advice. He's heard horror stories of how people are worse off after having it.

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I too was scared to death to have both of my wrists done because of all the horror stories, so I toughed it out for close to 6 years until one day when I couldn't hold a fork, a cup, or my toothbrush, couldn't sleep from the pain, couldn't pick up my get the picture. I had both wrists done a month apart from each other. I had immediate relief, recovery was a piece of cake..oh how I wished I had done it sooner. 

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Wow! wonder if Medicare covers it ? We got Medicare Part B and a good

insurance supplement Plan F Mutual of Omaha

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Years ago I had been told by a surgeon that nothing but surgery could help but I had an excellent chiropractor who saved me from surgery for carpel tunnel.  He had a machine that you put your hand in and it moved it slowly in different directions for a set amount of time. That along with exercises and B vitamins did the trick and now 30 years later never bothered me again.  

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The pain will only get worse.  At some point he will be willing to have the surgery.

Saving time & trouble. If I offend you, I am sorry.
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A good Chiropractor. 


I had CT surgery on right hand, very successful.

2 or 3 years later the left hand started getting it. One day when I was at my chiro's office, I asked him about it. He did a little adjustment that time and one other time and it is gone!


He wasn't my chiropractor when my right hand was driving me nuts, but I think he may have been able to save me from surgery ... we'll never know.

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