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I tried, Gracie, but my reply was punked, grrr. Been thru this 3 times with my mini Schnauzer, and it is absolute h@ll. She's 11 now and doing fine. and YES she's been on Royal Canin and Hills and everything others have knocked. I'll try and reply more info later for you if webbie will permit. Best of luck to you both. It's no picnic going thru this.

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On 9/26/2014 picco said:

About 5yrs ago one of my dogs had a very intense case of pancreatitis - rushed him to the vet for emergency surgery and they had to remove 2/3rds of his pancreas. He was in ICU for a week, not making progress and the vet/staff all thought he would pass. I stopped there every day to visit with him and finally said, let me take him home. He wasn't eating for the vet either. He was so happy to be home, he ate a little canned W/D food and then moved on to the dry kibble. To this day he is my best eater - loves his dry W/D food and nothing else. A few milkbone treats here and there. Some apples or carrots if he wants them. Also keep him on pancreazyme, 2 pills twice a day which I get online for a less expensive price. Each visit to the vet for checkups, they all mention how they thought he wouldn't live, he's their little miracle. Maybe just bringing him home where he is comfortable would work? Also the W/D food worked for my guy.

He also had nothing in his life that would have caused it - it just "was". Good luck!

I could have written this. Our last dog developed acute pancreatitis 3X - in puppy ICU as well. Also there was nothing that caused it, it just "was." After several days in ICU on IV fluids & meds, sent home and we switched him to a grain-free diet w/occasional whole canned pumpkin as a treat. Grain free diet greatly helped him overall.

Best of luck, GraciesMom!

ETA - yes, the vet recommended Royal Canin - but that was our regular vet; the specialized vet at the dog hospital said absolutely not to Royal Canin, and we listened to him.

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Thank you, everyone, for telling me your experience with canine pancreatitis--now I don't feel so alone in having to deal with this disease and trying to do my best for my Gracie-Girl.

It's so difficult to decide which dog food will be right for my angel--everyone has a different opinion. Since both of my vets are in agreement that the Royal Canin Hydrolyzed diet will be the best for my baby, I must go with that for now---of course, if Gracie cannot tolerate it or won't eat it, that's another story. Like humans, every dog is different--it's going to be trial and error.

The vet wants me to call her on Monday and let her know how Gracie is doing--she also wants to do another blood test towards the middle of the month to see that the pancreatic enzyme is going down (lipase, I guess)--which is fine--I want the vet(s) to keep a close eye on Gracie.

I will say prayers for all of you who have an angel going through this--that none of these babies relapse!!! And for all those who have lost a beloved angel to this disease, my prayers are with you,too.

God Bless,


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I posted a pic of what the breed is in your other thread on the Pet Forum.

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On 10/3/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said:

I posted a pic of what the breed is in your other thread on the Pet Forum.Smile

Oh I just saw that pic, RCG - what a beauty!!