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I cooked large batches of food in my slow cooker and broke them up into daily meals until I could get him on regular dog food. At the time his thyroid meds were way too high and he had lost 25 lbs. During the whole episode my vet was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away so we were in transition with a new vet that came in and covered and took over his case. That vet eventually retested him and lowered his thyroid meds. After a few months he was doing better, but then I notcied hair loss so I upped his meds a half pill a day and took him back to the vet who agreed. He has been wonderful on that dose. Like a new dog. All during the thyroid up and down he was having stomach problems and I had him on meds to stop his stomach acid production. When his thryroid meds were properly dosed all that went away and no more high numbers on his pancreatic enzymes.
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I want to thank every one of you for your wonderful suggestions--and for your experience with canine pancreatitis--such a wealth of information!!

I brought boiled chicken breast to the vet this morning--the vet told me that she tried feeding Gracie again today, but she is still refusing. I was put into a room and Gracie was brought in---she looked pretty good except for a red sore on her nose (she's been pushing her face into the bars of the cage she was put in!) and the IV sticking out of her leg swathed in bandages. I was so happy to see her!! I opened up the container of chicken--Gracie's nose went up in to the air--she smelled "home!"----I was told to try to give her a small bit of chicken--well, Gracie is starved!! She gobbled up what I gave her and wanted more--YAY!! I gave her a tiny bit more. The vet came in and was thrilled that Gracie was eating--she even took a piece of chicken from the vet's hand! Now the wait begins--if she keeps the food down, I can pick her up at 5:30 tonight--if not, she must stay there another day (and another $200 on my bill!).

What all of you were saying is true--Gracie will do much better once she is at home. The vet told me that Gracie is very stressed and nervous being there---I heard a yappy dog in the cage next to hers, so I'm sure that's part of the problem too--Gracie is used to a quiet home with just me and my husband.

The vet insist that Royal Canin makes a prescription food that is perfect for dogs with Gracie's problem--I told her I'm not interested in that brand, but she insisted it is fine. I asked her about Wellness Core Reduced Fat Grain Free--she said she would research it and let me know tonight what she thinks. At least she is open to another opinion, whereas her partners are not.

Thank you all, also, for letting me know that it will take awhile for Gracie to bounce back from this---I kind of knew this, but having others say it made me feel better.

I again questioned the vet as to why this might've happened--she told me "idiopathic"--it just happens and no one knows why. I'm having a tough time accepting this explanation, but this seems to be the case for most of the canine pancreatitis cases. The vet said she has seen the numbers of this disease increase a lot over the last couple of years--that's scary!

I will keep everyone updated as to how my angel baby is doing--thank you, again, for all of your kind words--please say a prayer for my beloved Gracie--she is a sweet soul.

God Bless,


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Yay!!!! That's so good to know. Happy tears of joy for you & your Gracie. Hope she's home soon!
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I went thru this years ago when I had a greyhound. We suspect it was because my BF and I were each sneaking him bits of ham at Easter time.

He went back to a regular grain free diet eventually. Can't remember what the food was but it's probably changed since then.

I hope Gracie does well - please post updates.


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Insist that she come home. If she is not acutely ill she will be more comfortable with you. I have known several people whose small dogs had pancreatitis attacks and none had to spend that long at the vet's office or run up that sort of bill. She needs to be in her familiar surroundings.

My rescue Chihuahuas have been eating Royal Canin since they were 12 weeks old - they are nearly 4, just had their well-pet annual blood tests and all numbers for organ function, etc, were spot on normal. The vet told me that Royal Canin is one of the best-researched and scientifically correct brands out there. (And no, she does not sell, endorse or get any sort of kickback from the company -- I use the brand on the recommendation of the rescue league.)

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Do you know that we have a pet forum? It's under ""For the Home"".
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No, I did not know there was a pet forum--thank you for telling me, kachina624! I will check it out.

Gracie came home last night--she's still not herself, but I realize it will take time. She is eating four small meals of boiled chicken & rice per day, taking two antibiotics for ten days and two anti-nausea pills for the next four days. Since she's been spitting out the rice, my husband suggested we put the chicken & rice in a food processor and make it into a mush--that way she'll get both foods--maybe I'll try that tonight.

Poor baby was exhausted--probably didn't sleep much while at the animal hospital. She slept a full eight hours last night--I had one eye open most of the night to make sure she was OK. The vet called this morning to check on her. She still has not, if you will excuse the expression, pooped yet--maybe she is constipated from the pain killers the vet was giving her. She was not send home with any pain killers.

Thanks for the info on Royal Canin--the vet told me, again, that they make a great food for canines who have had pancreatitis--I have a feeling I will end up trying that brand once Gracie can eat dog food again--I will not go back to Hill's, which I think started the problem in the first place (my own personal opinion, of course).

I appreciate everyone's input--and for making me feel much more at ease with my angel's illness! I was a total basket case this week.

God Bless,


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I'm glad Gracie is feeling better and is eating. The eating is the best part and I'm happy to read she is eating something. Hug her for me!

One of my dogs has a really sensitive stomach and I tried several different foods and he really does well with a brand called California Naturals Lamb and Brown Rice formula. Its all natural ingredients and vitamin fortified. I buy it from Pet Food Direct. If he eats dry, I give him Core Wellness, its grain free and it doesn't cause him tummy upset either.

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I am sorry you and your dog are going through this. My miniature schnauzer went through the same thing last year I felt awful for her. The food my Vet recommended is the Royal Cannin intestinal low fat. My girl does like that food canned and dry and I keep it on hand as her safe food. I don't know where you live but in Southern California there is a company called Just Food For Dogs. They had one location last year when this started and now have 3 soon to be 4 locations. They cook food and freeze it in their store . It's people grade food. Their kitchens are amazing. But more importantly they have recipes for dogs with Pancreatitus (Balanced Remedy - turkey and rice) , Renal Failure etc. they will also work with your Vet to create a recipe for your dog if theirs don't work. My Vet knew I didn't want to do prescription food and told me about them. They have a website and are on Facebook too so you can look them up. Maybe they ship? Finally I do think bringing your girl home is great advice. Mine didn't do well at all until she came home. She had 2 episodes last year but have not had a a repeat issue. Thank your Lord Smiley Wink. Good luck with. Your Gracie
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Flowershop Girl--I gave Gracie a BIG hug from you--and a belly rub for good measure!!Thanks for the suggestion regarding California Naturals and Core Wellness dog foods. I have been looking at the Wellness brand and I like what I see--they have a reduced fat grain free dog food that sounds like it would be perfect for Gracie. Meanwhile, she has to stay on her boiled chicken & rice diet for another week.

Qvcjane--So sorry your mini schnauzer has gone through pancreatitis so many times--how awful for her (and you)! My vet also recommend the Royal Canin intestinal low fat dog food--matter of fact, all three vets in his practice, who took care of my angel, also recommended it--I'm still thinking about it--although I do like the Wellness diets,too. I never heard of Just Food for Dogs--I live in New York--I'll have to research that and see if they are near here or if they ship--thank you!

Gracie is doing much better now. She stopped pacing as much, which means she is in less pain--she is resting more, which is a good thing--I know rest=healing. Her intestines are starting to work again (she had her first poop in six days on Monday) and she is not vomiting or showing me she is in distress. Gracie HATED being in the hospital, even though everyone is kind and gentle on the staff---she is relishing being home and comfortable on her love seat in her blankets!

I will pray for all of your angel-babies who are ill or have been ill with this terribly painful condition--or with anything, for that matter.

Thank you, all, for your suggestions and telling me your own experiences--it really helps.

God Bless,