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@JackieHN --I have invasive ductal carcinoma. It was caught on my annual mammogram and was stage 1, so lumpectomy was a good option.  Only I had to have 2 lumpectomies because when they did the MRI, they found another spot, which they biopsied and it came back as cancer.   Don't you just hate it when your body betrays you like that?  LOL!

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Annabelle, thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. I'm happy to hear that your daughters tested negative for the gene. What a load off of everybodies mind. Don't worry about talking to your husband. i talk to my mother all of the time and she's been gone 6 years. 


Dr Kelli, before I went for a lumpectomy I had an MRI. That was the protcol here. I will assume you are estrogen positive which means aromatase inhibitors are in your future. 5 years of it to be exact. Rest when you can during radiation. It does make you tired. 

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DrKelli, 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). I was stage zero. I had a core biopsy, lumpectomy, 28 radiation zaps and 5 years of took me quite a few years to get over the "cancer, are you coming back for me again?" but now, I have moved on. I wish the very best for you, and good health.

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@DrKelli Tomorrow is the last radiation treatment, yahoo.  That's an accomplishment in itself


I don't know that I believe I had cancer.  I was diagnosed with stage 1 endometrial cancer in April 2015.  Had a hysterectomy three weeks later.  Told no radiation or chemo.  A week after the surgery, got a call from the oncologist saying it was stage 3 and I needed both radiation and chemo.  I had no real idea what that was.


I have bladder issues from radiation.  At least that's what the urologist said.  It's spuradic.  Just when I think it's gone away, it comes for a couple days.  One minute, don't have to go.  Next minute, it's urgent.  Other than that, no lingering reminders of radiation.

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Shorter hospital stay than planned, I was discharged yesterday after only one night.  (Good vitals, urine output, and mobility helped) 
(This meant Medicare change from considering being admitted to observation status - guessing so they have to pay less! Informed shortly before discharge. Ah, bureaucracy!)


So many different people from admittance to finish - difficult to keep everyone straight!  
I was happy to see my surgeon's physician assistant was going to be in the operating room as well; I 
really like her so, it was nice to have another familiar person in the OR.  (Funny, when they put the clear mask over my nose and mouth, I flashed back to the big black ether mask from my childhood tonsillectomy!)

The paravertebral block injections went well, done before going to OR. It was weird to hear one of the anesthesia team monitoring the ultrasound and saying "a little more to the left" or "down a little" to the young doctor doing the injection. (Not sure if was a resident, as this is a teaching hospital). He also installed my IV, as the nurse in pre-op, after looking and feeling my arm, opted out. He did a great job with my difficult, wornout veins.  

It was a new experience to have Nurse Anesthesists rather than a Doctor Anesthesiologist in the OR.  (Is that the norm now?)

I was told I was given Zofran, "lots of Fentanyl"  and I think another anesthesia drug. I did wake up better than after some other surgeries I have had; it was weird (though it makes sense) to find myself in a different gown - wheeled to surgery in lavender papery-type and returned in green print cotton.  (Neither colour coordinated with the yellow nubby socks!)  


When they took me from recovery, I did the Royal Handwave to bid  everyone adieu as they wheeled me to my room!  


I think the nurse said my room was in an ICMed Unit where  several surgical patients were being sent - possibly, according to her, because no rooms available when Recovery wanted/needed to get rid of patients.

I liked the adjustable bed (I think I want one!) and it was quieter than my apartment!  The room was poorly designed with the heat and fan directly above the bed. I set the thermostat a bit higher because as soon as the temp. reached, the cool air fan would kick in!  (they had an iPad for patient to control, temp, light, tv controls) 


 I decided not to take slippers and robe, the nubby socks were fine and it was easier not to get in and out of a robe. Maybe, had I stayed longer, I would have wanted them. 

I felt bad for the nurses as I 
set off the alarm several times, when moving or turning my IV arm;  I usually took advantage then of the nurse having to come in my room so, I could be unhooked from IV for bathroom trip at same time. 

At this point,  I am feeling better than I expected. Had to take one hydrocodone last night and slept in recliner but, otherwise Tylenol for pain. Maybe, already  having pain from the bone mets made the surgical pain seem more "normal".   Right now, biggest pain is from the pressure of the band of the surgical bra!

You all were right, dealing with drains much easier than I thought. Main problems have been opening the cap and getting the tubes not to dangle too low. The drains (2) are pinned to my pj top;  did order a shirt with drain pockets, scheduled to arrive tomorrow, hope will work better. 

My husband has been his normal argumentative self, however, he has been making good scrambled eggs, helping me in and out of recliner and doing laundry. 

Time for me to try to sleep. Thank you all for your support and good thoughts and prayers.





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@annabellethecat @JackieHN 

I, too, talk frequently to my late mother. She died 26 years ago.
We were both diagnosed that year with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (different types, partly why I am still alive)  In one dream I had about her, she was surrounded by lots of puppies and kittens, in the dream I said it was heaven!  


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@trenet---very happy all went well for you and you are home--even with mouthy hubs Woman Tongue--now this is behind you =-isn't it a load off your shoulders-- this part anyway----thinking and planning things like this can be more stressful than the actual procedure. Now remember to take your pain meds BEFORE you are in pain and just heal and rest and watch the Big Bang Theory for some laughs!!!


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Tried to post twice already. Trenet happy to hear everything went well and that you home. Pam is right. Take the pain meds before the pain starts but you may not have that much pain. It's uncomfortable though. Now your on the mend. I'm sure you will be seeing your Dr for a followup in the next few days.

Don't aggravate yourself about your husband. They are all the same except if you are lucky and got a good one.

If they put you on zofran that means they also had you on versed. I banned them from using it on me. I said give me my bloody Diprovan. I'm not puking my guts out. Who knows what they gave me. I was out.

Anyway, I would check about getting an adjustable bed. Medicare may even pay for it. 

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@trenet - so glad things went well! 👏.  You will start feeling better each day that goes by.  Watch your incision closely for any unusual redness or swelling. 

When I was still working at our clinic/hospital, Medicare had decided not to pay for Observation status. So if you weren't outpatient or admitted as inpatient, we got paid nothing, zero. And the drs can only admit for certain criteria, determined by Medicare of course.  The first 2 days would be considered observation.  It got very complicated. 

Nurse Anesthetists almost always have done the anesthesia in the operating room, people just didn't know it.  I coded for them for fertility procedures. But they always worked under a supervising Anesthesiologist   The anesthesiologist should have at least poked his head in to say hi. 

Anyway, it sounds like you're doing good so far, so stay well, so glad it's over for you. 😀

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I would say Lannie that they don't want her to change any bandages because she could dislodge the drains. There will be a bit of drainage coming from the operating site. I honestly don't know what her discharge instructions entail. it would make me nuts to see any drainage on a bandage. They just handed me a bunch of bandages and said you know what to do. However it is tricky with the drains. 

So Trenet how are you doing today??