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Hey, Mae and Jackie, aiming it toward the corner works better for the eye drops - thanks!


Mae, your kitchen sounds like it's going to be beautiful, nothing like a nice new kitchen!  Well, besides a nice new bathroom.


Jackie, a new bedroom set, yippee - what style are you thinking of? You'll need all new linens and covers you know.....


Pam, your turn is coming!


GC - I don't know if we'll end up getting too much, but where you just came back from sounds like they are going to be buried in snow.  Get the snow blower out.


Mia - how is your kitty doing?  Wasn' she the one who was fond of cords???


Gracie(andRemy's)Mommy - I bet Remy has grown a bunch, does he have a good appetite?

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@HerRoyaLioness - I'm doing fine, but I'm not enjoying the cold weather.  


I hope everyone is doing well.  I know parts of the country are getting a lot of snow.  We haven't had much here -- just enough now and then to cause accidents on the roads.  I don't go out when the roads are slippery, unless it's absolutely necessary.


My cat still likes cords, but I think I have most of them covered now.  She also likes plastic.  I have a plastic bag in my shredder, and part of it hangs over the basket.  She likes to chew on the plastic -- she doesn't eat it, only chews it.



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Lannie, I'm going with modern this time around. At this age I'm not spending a fortune on furniture again. Most of it is junk anyway unless you go with all wood. The painter may cost more than the furniture. We have a place here called My Bob's that has pretty decent stuff. I have to go and look. 

Well GC we're waiting for the storm to arrive. So far nothing. 


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People go nuts when snow is forecast and hoard groceries like they expect to be snowbound for months! How likely is that!
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Re: Cancer survivors

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Remy at Misty's cropped copy 2.jpg

Hi Everyone.....Some of you were asking me for a picture of it is..he was 7 months old here--now he is 9 months old. He is a wonderful companion...loving..cuddly..has a great appetite...and is growing. He was 9 lbs when we adopted him on Nov 7th--he is now 10 lbs and will probably get up to 11 lbs as an adult. We are not used to having a male dog...or such a small one..but we're learning as the days go by. Had to buy him a very heavy coat as he's not used to the cold--he's from Georgia--he came from a rescue group who saved his life--he came from an abusive situation--he was full of parasites and mange and open sores all over his skin--he was dehydrated and malnourished--it was a miracle he lived as he was on the brink of death. The staff at the rescue had faith that he would pull through. Once he was well, he was sent up north to our local shelter--we adopted him five days after he arrived from Georgia. Remy is thriving and we are so happy to be his pet parents! We forgot what it's like to take care of a puppy--we are exhausted, but Remy is worth it. Still grieving over the loss of Gracie--I think I will forever miss her---but having Remy around gives me a dog to love and care for--he makes life fun and happy--and calms me down when I get anxious. My hubby's blood pressure has dropped! Will post more pix if anyone is interested.


Yes, my husband's AMEX issue has been resolved--somehow his card was used in China, but has since been deactivated and a new one has been issued--can't say enough about how easy to work with AMEX has been--I guess they see this kind of problem everyday, knew how to fix it quickly and assured me it's not a big deal--their fraud experts keep an eye on every account--and stop cards when charges look out of place--good to know.


Has anyone been affected by the blood pressure drug recall? The recall for valsartan...that drug worked wonders for me and I had to change to lisinopril HCT--not sure if it's working yet--been taking my BP with my husband's monitor and it's been OK, but was very high at the doctor's office two days ago. Never a dull moment.


We're supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow overnight--maybe. I'm hearing all sorts of predictions--some forcasters say only rain. So which is it? Don't think they know. No plans to go out..will stay home and make crockpot chili for dinner.


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


God Bless,


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@Gracies Mom - what a sweet picture of Remy.  He looks so happy to have a good home now.  You and your husband are great pet parents. 


I know what you mean about having a puppy.  I got my cat as a kitten, and she wore me out.  She still gets into things, but she is more laid-back now.  


I'm glad your AMEX issue has been resolved.  It's amazing that your husband's credit card had been used in China, of all places.  I'm very careful about what company I order from (even through Amazon), but my card could be hacked also.


The weather has been so cold here, and we've had snow.  I haven't been out for a few days.  Instead, I stayed in and did some cooking/baking.  It felt good to have the oven on.

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OMG Graciesmom, what a beauty. I just want to kiss him to death. Thank you for the picture. 

Happy to hear that husband's Amex is straightened out. 

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Oh my, Remy is a good looking dog.  Very handsom.  I bet he is happy to have a home.  My mother's cat came from a rescue.  You can just tell her first couple years were rough.  She is finally getting used to me, but every now and then she gets really scared and hisses at me.  She's blind in one eye.  Assumed it came from her previous home.  She walks like she's had a cocktail because of it.  LOL


All the new kitchens are making me jealous. 😓


My mother was supposed to get a lot of snow, but it was changed to an inch or two with lots of rain.  Sister though is still in snow territory.  She's further north.


We had two inches of snow last night.  I didn't bother shoveling it since I'm not expecting any packages.  



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GraciesMommy - oh my gosh, can you say adorable??!!!  Cute doesn't even cover it.  How can you not love a face like that.  He had me at the perky yet floppy ears and the mischievous eyes!


Yes, more pics of this little sweetheart (rascal??!!!)!  So glad he is with you and your hubby.

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Well let’s see..I am  1 year survivor of pancreatic cancer.Tomorrow is the day my port will be removed.I am still scared and I think I always will be forever.I had a 15 hour surgery to remove my pancreas.gall bladder some lymph nodes etc.I had chemo and radiation also. My life has definitely changed but I am still here to enjoy my kids and grandchildren.My youngest son is getting married next month and I thank god I am here to see this.Some days are good and some days I struggle.This has made me a diabetic and I now have neuropathy in my feet and hands.I try to move past all this and continue on with my life.My cousin just passed from this horrible cancer in August.He was only in his 50’s.I am 62 and have heard many horror stories.So to everyone out there....The only symptom I had was that I turned jaundice and went to the ER. If you have any thoughts that you don’t feel just right...get checked WILL save your life...💜💜