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Calling tsavorite Good Morning!

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@tsavorite   Here is what I bought on Amazon.  There are many different brands for what I listed EXCEPT for the  product called "CYSTEX".  Many  sites and places sell all of these products so you do not have to buy on Amazon.  I just like the free next day shipping Smiley Happy


 (2 tablets)CYSTEX  max strength( comes in a 40 tablet box)


 (2 tablet or caps) Cranberry concentrate capsules


( 2 tablet or caps)D Mannose


( 1000 mg tablet or cap)Vitamin C


 I took these together, three times a day for a week.  You can also just take the cystex when you feel better as a deterrent  People talk online about  doing this and  also  just taking all of them on a lesser dosage as a deterrent. 


  I will let you do your own web searches and decide what you want to do.   If you are on meds or have health issues... read any warnings on the products as some things may conflict with your meds or with your health issues. Even natural products can be dangerous for some people. 

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Re: Calling tsavorite Good Morning!

@SeaMaiden  thank you so much!  I will look into these products....having them on hand just in case sounds like a plan.  I only take thyroid medication so I doubt there would be any issue with taking these if another UTI comes up.  I would just take them several hrs after my morning thyroid meds to be sure.