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Re: CBD oils or creams?

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My DH and I recently jumped on the CBD bandwagon, to give it a shot.  Two key things that you'll want to be sure of with the oral drops is that you're getting full spectrum oil and that it's the only thing in the botttle aside from maybe a flavoring (usually peppermint from what I've observed). 


Your oil should have a dark green appearance.  The first brand we tried was a disappointment.  I ordered without researching because my cousin sells it.  It turned out that avocado oil was the first ingredient.  We used it faithfully for two weeks and didn't notice a thing.  The stuff isn't cheap so I returned it for a full refund, less shipping. 


The current one we're trying is sold by someone else I know and she's been super helpful with information, guidance, and support.  I signed up to be an associate (no fee) but I don't have any plans to operate as a business other than if an immediate relative wants something.  This particular company has assorted strengths of the oil but they also have gummies, haircare, skincare, pet care, pain care, vaping oils, etc.  We feel much better about this company/product than we did with the first.  

@JeanLouiseFinch  what do you mean about "full spectrum" oil?  Does that mean it has THC in it?  



No, not at all @tsavorite .  Full spectrum means the whole plant is used, which is the way nature intended it, but the THC has been removed.  The user does not get high and they will not fail a drug test.  

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Re: CBD oils or creams?

Ointment - the #5 strength - same strength that professional athletes use.  Can purchase from a Professional Massage Therapist or Physical Therapist.


#5 is the ONLY thing that can touch my knee pain from the i----t surgeon who made several errors during my knee surgery, 5 years ago.

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Re: CBD oils or creams?

I took anxiety pills for 1 month a while ago.I had strange headaches so I stopped. I try not to take medicine unless I really need it.

I have been using CBD oil for almost 2 weeks.I have to take 3 or 4 spritzes instead of the recommended dose of 2.

I don't really feel better yet.I am using a cheap brand. It is $ 22.00 for a 30 ml.tiny bottle.

My husband sleeps better with the same CBD oil.My daughter is considering stopping it,because it makes her too realaxed and sleepy.

I will try better brands.

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Re: CBD oils or creams?

The guy that does our hair found some in Delaware when he was visiting.  He bought one in the chocolate/mint flavor and has been using it for about a month for various problems.  He takes 1 to 2 drops daily and sharing it with his dad for some of his medical issues and is really helping him.


I checked out their site at fohcbd dot com (fountain of health) and just ordered a 1/2 ounce for myself to try.  It's 1000mg and full spectrum - made in Colorado.


They also have other flavors and creams, etc. along with free shipping.


Just wanted to pass this info on; but not sure how well it works until it arrives.