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@Junebug54 Me me!! A few years ago I was in the hospital for a few days and was told after a CT scan that I had a mild stress fracture in my hip. Oh just great!


So I started PT and faithfully did all my home exercises to promote healing. After 3 weeks I called and told the PT place (they are great and my family has used them often) I was done, 3 weeks early. They sounded a bit dubious but said ok, call us if you need to come back. I never did.


Doing the excercises at home consistently really can promote early healing. 

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Re: Broken Ankle

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@Junebug54 wrote:

I broke my ankle in early February.  Was in a cast for 4 weeks.   I am now in PT.   I have had two sessions and am doing very well.   I also do my exercises at home.    They mostly consist of moving the foot up and down etc. with or without a stretchy band.   They are telling me maybe 6 weeks in therapy.   I don't think so.   I can do the same exercises at home.   I honestly don't think I need to go that many times. I am in excellent shape for my age. 




" Anyone else a PT dropout"?  





Nope! I take every session that my insurance will cover. I have my own home gym pretty well filled with exercise equipment, but for certain injuries I prefer different types of devices.


I've been improvising many of my own exercises, for PT, or just exercises in general. Like everything pertaining to life, including injury recoveries, different choices from different people.


Wishing you well with your ankle injury, I currently have a new one to work on after the initial damage is healed enough to do so.









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Thanks to all of  you for responding.   I have decided to finish out this week and next and then reevaluate my decision.  

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@Junebug54   My brother had a football injury at the age of 16.  Back then he had to have surgery and pins put in his ankle.  Fast forward to age 64, old pins had to be replaced and cadavier bone put in.  First surgery March 2020 (just at the beginning of Covid)  Bone refused to heal, therefore second surgery December 2020.  He is doing much better now BUT, they found his PT was actually damaging the fusing of the new bone in the ankle.  He still walks with a cane and his doctor stopped ALL future PT. Now a year each injury is unique but just goes to show it's not for everyone and you just may be fine without continuing.  Do at home what you feel is good for you.


  Hope you heal nicely.

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As you get better, PT will alter the work to be done.  Keep going, it will be worth it.

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I haven't had very good experiences with PT. Many years ago I had a knee injury and was told PT would help. There was one PT at the site and several students helping out. There were all young therapists. On my first day she left me on the stationary bike until I interrupted their gab fest and laughter and reminded her I was there. She apologized saying she hoped I wouldn't be in a lot of pain that night. After that day she was more attentive, but I never had the feeling she was that interested in helping me! I decided to do the excercises at home. 

The next experience was in a different center with my shoulder. Everything was going along pretty well till the therapist decided my shoulder needed a deep tissue massage to relax the muscles. Well I kept telling her she was hurting me to the point that I was pulling my shoulder away from her. That night I was all black n blue. I did complain and told them I was done! 

Three years ago I broke my ankle. Wore a boot for 8 weeks. No PT advised , just exercises to strengthen my ankle. My ankle is fine. Needless to say I am not a fan of PT!

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Please keep going to PT, your future range of motion of your ankle depends on it.  I understand you feel you can do the same thing at home, this isn't something I would just "wing it" with.  I'd want a pro overseeing my future exercises and progress.

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I pretty much quarantined for the past year, period.  When I hurt my rotator cuff I Googled exercises from PT's on the internet.  It's been months now and I'm almost healed.  I have had my two vaccinations, but no longer feel I have to follow up with in person PT.  

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Update on my ankle.   I did continue with PT and very happy I did.   On Monday I will have my final evaluation and hopefully be discharged.    Obviously still won't be doing a marathon any time soon but I'm progressing..   Thanks again for all your input.