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Re: Bra recommendation during breast radiation


I wore Bali soft stretch wireless bras after my lumpectomy and while going through and after my 33 radiation treatments. I burned very badly from the radiation and found putting thin flannel baby burp cloths tucked under and over my breast helped relieve all the irritation from my burns. It also kept the cream and prescription burn meds from getting on my bra. The side under my arm was also very burned and for that area I put a cotton Nike sock down the side of my bra. This enabled me to continue working as comfortably as possible. I agree the exhaustion is extreme especially the last few weeks and beyond. The immune system takes quite a hit. I came down with a virus a month after my radiation ended. I quickly came down with over 104 fever and wound up on oxygen,vomitting,coughing,aches and pains. Flu tests were negative as was every other test they performed. Meanwhile I had an allergic reaction while in the hospital with two kinds of itchy rashes. What a nightmare! I was in the hospital for 7 days and it took months to recover. Your friend needs to maintain healthy eating and rest as much as she can. Em

Yesterday I found which may be the same Bali bras at Sams Club at a special price  with two in a box. Good tip about the baby burp cloths. Thank you for sharing your experience and best wishes to continued good health!!!