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Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

I need to buy a new blood pressure monitor and trying to decide between wrist or arm.


  • Anyone have an opinion on which you like best?
  • Favorite brand for arm or wrist BP monitor?


Neither of us have high blood pressure where we have to monitor on a frequent basis ... just need to replace one that is very, very old. (It was an Omiron, upper arm).





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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

I prefer arm and have always been told it is more accurate than wrist type.  Also, can't go wrong with Omron.  Mine is old also and I will replace with same type Omron arm model.  I will be interested to read other opinions though.  

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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

I perfer the wrist.  I have an Omiron.  It is a few years old.  I take it once a year to the doc's office to make sure it is still taking similar pressures as the nurses get. 


Perhaps talk to a pharmacist or a tech.  They helped me find one for my brother that has low vision but wanted to be able to do it himself.    

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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

I asked the Head of Cardiology of a Heart Hospital in N.Y. He said the wrist monitors are inaccurate. His suggestion was the Omron monitor for the arm. 

It had the same reading with the one in his office last Friday. 

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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

We also have an arm Omron.  My DH has to check his blood pressure several times a week as he has a heart condition.  He also has a medical background and researched quite a few blood pressure monitors and found the Omron to be the best.   We purchased ours on Amazon.

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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

I prefer the wrist because it's easier to read and a confortable.

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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

My doctor has asked me to use an arm monitor.  

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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

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Whichever kind you get, be sure and take it with you to your next doctor's visit so it can be 'calibrated' with their's. 


Also, most all home BP monitors are as accurate as they can be in the first 2 to 3 years. After that they start to lose accuracy and the readings start to drift. That's when you should replace it. But in the meantime take it with you each time you go to your doctor's appointment until you get round to buying a new one.



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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

Being that the OP doesn't have a blood pressure issue, my info may not apply to her but I am going to tell my experience with blood pressure cuffs others may be able to relate to.  First to answer the question: an upper arm cuff would work best I think.  I have used both and found the wrist cuff is not that easy to use.


But for those who rely on the monitor cuffs, they do not read accurately for every one.  I had so many issues when I had to have my blood pressure taken 2xday because on some (me included) they do not read accurately and my pressures were widely divergent.  This included BP taken with monitor cuffs in the hospital which you assume was giving an accurate reading.  No so for me.  Completely different when taken manually by a nurse.  Something about them pumping too tight because of depth of viens/arteries?  Never explained to my understanding.  Found that having my pressure taken manually that issue did not occur and I got a meaningful reading. 


One day when taken at home with a cuff that had read DH's BP accurately, my pressure read 210/99.  I was terrified and called my cardiologist immediately.  He told me to come to the office and he would personally manually take my pressure.  It was 136/84.  A big difference to be sure.  i was so relieved.


The cardiologist said he does not use cuffs st all because of their unreliability.  All pressures in his office are taken manually. 


At any Dr. and ER or hospitalized, I always insist on a manual reading and refuse the monitoring cuffs as I have been so traumatized over false readings from cuffs. 


A good point at my last surgery, I told the Anestisist I did not want the cuff monitor but only a manual reading.  I know that while the surgery was going on blood pressure would constantly be read by a monitor cuff and wanted him to know my issue. 


He told me something that did help.  He said to take the pressure by putting the cuff right below the elbow instead of the upper arm.  That seems to work and I got an accurate pressure.  I don't remember what his reason was, but he did say that is where he always places the cuff.  If any of you have my issue with cuffs, you might try placing below the elbow.  I would also say when you are with a professional (Dr's office, hospital, etc. to ask for a manual reading to be taken a short while after the electronic cuff to see how they compare so you will know if you are one who also may have my issue.

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Re: Blood pressure monitors - wrist or arm?

As a retired clinic nurse and Emt , l would certainly advise an arm monitor .  l once got a wrist one for my mom and it was so inaccurate it was crazy . The best way to check for accuracy is to have someone check the old fashioned way with a scope .