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Might be good to check on water intake too.  

A BF just drinks 3 regular Cokes anday and then wonders why it keep recurring.

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I used to get terrible painful ITI's with bloody urine and back pain.  I was advised to drink cranberry juice to help ward off future infections.

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AZO strips aren't very sensitive at all so if they are showing positive, you probably have a raging infection going.

Any time I have had an infection or a stone, my urine is crystal clear.  Depends on the person.  You really need to pay more to your symptoms (pain, frequency, etc.) because those usually are specific to you.

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Re: Bladder infection?

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@meowingkitty wrote:

I had one not to long ago and had to go to Urgent Care to get antibiotics. They told me not to use Azo but didn't tell me why. 


     My doc told me that taking AZO before the UTI test changes the results of test.  And...also told me that AZO raises blood pressure!!

    I take a D Mannose capsule every day and haven't had a UTI in over a year!!  Learned about it on this Forum...


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@meowingkitty wrote:

I had one not to long ago and had to go to Urgent Care to get antibiotics. They told me not to use Azo but didn't tell me why. 

@meowingkitty , Azo interfers with the testing done to determine if you have a UTI.  The box says it doesn't but it does.


My doctor actually prescribes me the RX of Azo called Pyridium when I have an infection.  She will only give me a couple as it's not supposed to be taken long term and it shouldn't be taken in place of antibiotics.   

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I have done exactly what you described.

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I also learned about D-Mannose out here and have faithfully taken it. Some capsules have cranberry extract added.

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Re: Bladder infection?

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@marip wrote:

Does anyone know if it's possible to have an UTI with clear looking urine?  My urine is clear but I'm having urinary frequency and some pain in urethra.  I bought AZO test strips and it showed positive for an infection.  I did a online Evisit with a doctor and he's prescribing antibiotics.


You did a televisit for urinary symptoms? So you did not give a urine sample at minimum?  If so that's horrible, horrible medicine. 

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I'm in the middle of taking medicine for what the doctor described as a pretty intense UTI.  My symptoms weren't apparent to me for a couple of weeks so it was hard to tell .... but eventuallty I had an insane feeling every time I urinated (not burning).... and a pain in my lower back that was iintensifying.  That's what got me in to the doctor.  And my urine did not look cloudy to me.  But it was, and the test came back positive. 


Please see your doctor and ask for a test..... 

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I take two Azo cranberry gummies every morning to ward off the UTIs.  If I get them, I take Azo pain relief to ease the pain as I am getting to a doctor to get the antibiotics.  I have heard D mannose also helps but you have to take regularly.