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Beware: Turmeric from Bangledesh

I read in my local paper that the popular anti-inflmatory Turmeric may contain lead, if it was sourced from Bangledesh. Only 3 percent of the world's supply is harvested from Bangledesh but it is troubling that a known neuro toxin may be intensionally added to the food supply.


Once turmeric roots are harvested, they are dried and polished in a machine that looks like a rock tumbler to rub away the outer skin. To hasten this process, which can cause 10 to 15 percent of the root to be wasted, processors add lead chromate, an industrial yellow pigment commonly used to color toys and furniture.

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Re: Beware: Turmeric from Bangledesh

This is disturbing but not surprising.! Just another reminder of how toxic our food chain is becoming. 



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Re: Beware: Turmeric from Bangledesh

Thank you for the head's up!