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Sorry to hear of the ordeal yu've been going through.  Glad to hear that you're on the mend and wishing you a speedy recovery!

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@fancy pantsy  - Happy to hear you are on the mend.  Don't over do it.  Sending love Heart

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Sorry to hear about your ordeal, but happy that you are on the mend and at home with your fur baby.  Just take it easy and rest up.  I bet your doggie missed mommy!

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@fancy pantsy     WOW!  So glad to hear you are on the mend. How frightening for you!  Best wishes and healthy healing thoughts sent your way!

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Boy you sure have been tested, I wish you good health and smooth sailing @fancy pantsy 

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So sorry to hear of all you have been through.

Good to hear you are doing better. Take it easy.

Take care of yourself.

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Wow Fancy @fancy pantsy   I'm so glad that you turned yourself into the hospital (ER) when you did before things got even worse.  Great to see you back on your feet again and back here posting.

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  Glad you are better now. Take care and good luck with your next surgery

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Glad you’re feeling better.

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Such an unexpected, lengthy ordeal you have faced. Happy to read you are back and recovering nicely.


Thanks for the information about diverticulitis. Many posters have the same problems IIRC from previous comments. Is there anything you could have done to avoid such serious surgeries (i.e. daily walks, more fluids, diet changes)? We learn so much on this Forum.


Sending best wishes for excellent health this summer and a successful reversal surgery.  

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