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My little 3 year old grandgirls may have autism.  They are being tested.  They are smart, but they don't respond much, and the district thinks it's autism and more tests are being done.  Please pray for them.  Aria and Allie.

They know the ABC's so well they are making words!  

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My best wishes for you and your family.


My Grandson 6 has autism, along with speech apraxia,

sensory disorder etc.

I’ve learned to relish and celebrate all he CAN do, not 

what he can’t. He’s progressed so very much in many 


He doesn’t know all his colors, or how to write his name. Still not totally potty trained with bms.

He is totally charming, sings and is very happy. He loves cars, big slides, helping in the house.


I hope your granddaughters don’t t have autism.

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@gloriajean   I will add your family to my prayers.  One of my grandsons is Autistic.  Everyday is a challenge.  If your girls are diagnosed, there are various avenues of help and support available.


All I can say is that you show them that they are loved just for who they are.  Learning how to cope with the various situations that occur will help. When my grandson is overwhelmed and starts to stim, we tell him to "blow it out", as if he's blowing out a candle.  He also responds to having his shoulders massaged.  I can actually see his bidy relax.  Stimming is an Autistic child's way of coping.


Unfortunately, the biggest negatives you'll face are the nasty looks and comments from ignorant people.  And, as the children get older, the remarks get nastier.  These people don't understand that the child can hear them and can feel their negativity.  


I pray you don't get an Autism diagnosis!!!  But, if you do, I am here if you need to vent or talk.  My grandson is now 10.  He is a wonderful, sweet child who is just "wired" differently.  We are the ones who need to learn to cope.  I wish your family the very best.

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@gloriajean Prayers said for your sweet little grandgirls. There is so much that can be done for/with children on the autism spectrum.


Just a note: There's a long time employee at my local grocery store, in his late 20's, who has Asperger's. He is a star employee, is a great young man and this month made Employee of the Month!


I wish all hte best for your family and will be thinking of you all. I hope you'll update us on the girls if it's not too personal.


If you decide not to, I know we will all understand. I've seen so much on TV about ways to work with autistic children, so much better than "in my day". Hugs to you and  your family.

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Wishing the best for your grandkids.  My 8 year old great nephew was diagnosed when he was around 3.  By then he knew the colors, numbers, letters.  He is very smart but does have limitations.  He has been in special classes since he started school and is now in 3rd grade.  Love him so much.  Heart

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Try not to worry. My husbands cousin has an autistic son. He drives a car, works in  grocery store, and  chats with people, he also has his own apartment


If the worst proves to be true, there is lot today they can do to help these children..I will St Augustines prayer dear heart ,and let it strengthen you

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@gloriajean   I will most certainly pray for Aria and Allie. 

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My grandson who is going on 14 in October is doing great. He's in 8th grade and in public school. At first it was terrifying.  You hear all the horrible stories, but that doesn't mean that it will be in same with you. The key to success is early intervention at least by 3.  He was in Resorce all through elementary school. I would pick him up after school and after a snack we did homework. The most important advice I can give you is learn what their I call issues are and don't fight it. My grandson doesn't like to be touched so we don't . Just go with and it makes alot easyer.

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I will certainly pray for them. I don't have much knowledge related to autism, but I believe there are many degrees or levels. I'm sure there are many educators who work with and are able to help these children. Take it a day at a time. 

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I certainly will pray for your grandchildren.  Are they twins?  I have twin boys who are now 30.  One of my twins has severe, nonverbal autism.  The other one does not.  Things have changed dramatically since my son was diagnosed at the age of 2, 28 years ago.  


There is more acceptance, knowledge of what autism is, and treatments.  I had nothing but having him enter the school system at the age of 3.  The autism treatment centers have done wonders to friends of mine who have grandchildren on the spectrum.


Autism Speaks has several manuals to download for free or have some sent to you if you do get the diagnosis.  The first 100 days is essential.  Knowledge is power.


I remember having to tell other moms or people who were complaining about my sons tantrums thinking he was just spoiled.  I would say, he is autistic.  I remember most people thought I said, he was artistic.  One mom said, I don't care if your son is an artist or not, he shouldn't be throwing balls arounds.  I just laughed.  


At least awareness is so much better!


My prayers are with your grandchildren.