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Re: Are there just too many people?

On It & Valu Skr - Your comments along with the people that hearted are one of the most heartless and cruel I've ever come across on these boards.  Just disgusting.

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Re: Are there just too many people?

@Valu Skr

@On It


I disagree with both of you.


I do agree with the title of this thread.


There are too many people and we the people are not the cause.

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Re: Are there just too many people?

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They also overbook appointments; it's great to hear your name called after only a five minute wait, only to be taken to an exam room where you wait 30-45 minutes for anyone to darken the door. I hate that! One of my dr's office has such thin walls between the exam rooms you can hear every word of what's going on next to you....when I hear my dr chitchatting about fishing with the patient next door and I have been sitting there looking at huge posters of the lower digestive system.....grrrrrr!


I rarely get to see an MD is usually a Nurse Practicioner or a PA. 


Problem: more people needing care, and fewer medical staff...Drs, RNs, etc. to do it. Alternative medicine is viable for some things, but you are usually on your own to do is not going to pay for a dr who practices it, and the cost out of pocket may be out of reach for many.