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Re: Are Medicinal Mushrooms the New Kale?

@sidsmom  hmmmm, my guess would be the corn and the beans.  The Food for Life Sprouted is not a flour product....they use organic corn ground so high in carbs and fiber as would be the beans (homemade in the Instant Pot).  The guac is high in fat, but not the slaw (organic and homemade).



If so, trivia time!

Which 2 foods below rank the same (% of calories)

in which category (carbohydrate, protein, fat)?  



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Re: Are Medicinal Mushrooms the New Kale?

Sprouted tortilla’s have the

same %/grams of protein as beans & 

same %/grams of fat as guacamole. 



@phoenixbrd Do you sprout seeds? Isn’t there something released 

in a sprouted item that’s a pinch better than the regular item (like these tortillas)? 


I worded my question kinda wonky =:0 (#FailedAtFun) but I was

surprised the tortillas are little powerhouses!!  

They would be a good hiking food (dense/tasty).

A couple of these tortillas would be a good after-exercise food.


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Re: Are Medicinal Mushrooms the New Kale?

@sfnative wrote:

@SeaMaiden wrote:

Here is just one great website that talks about the advantages of using medicinal mushrooms in your daily diet.  I have been adding these to my morning beverage for many years. 





Just a heads-up, folks, that mushrooms, as well as kale and related dark green vegetables are contraindicated for those suffering from kidney disease or any form of anything relative to the kidneys.


Think 10 times before caving in to what is probably a new craze not based on solid science.

@sfnativeThere is a lot of orthorexia on this board. Every other day I read a thread or post that is denigrating entire food groups or promoting unscientific theories. Reader Beware....

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Re: Are Medicinal Mushrooms the New Kale?

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I think smoking marijuana keeps one healthy. I've been smoking on a regular basis for 45 years.  I am now  63 years old and have no medical issues, nor do I  take any prescription drugs.