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Re: Anyone with experience with kidney stones?


Oh, yes, have experience with them. animated-shocked-smiley-image-0065.gif


Everything I like to eat--and many healthful foods--contribute to forming those miserable things. It also doesn't help that I don't like water. IMO It's for bathing and swimming lol.


Though I know water is the gold standard in hydration, I drink other beverages with citric acid and potassium citrate.

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Re: Anyone with experience with kidney stones?



I have had several and passed all of them until a year ago, it was 12mm had to have a stent in for over two weeks and then they blasted it. Not fun.  I have gone on the low oxlates diet,  the urologist said the number one thing is to drink the water, which I do.  They also said if you eat something high in oxlates, have dairy at the same time, it will help process it and not send it your kidneys.  I had a check up a few months ago and I am not forming new stones and the one little one in my other kidney passed. 


Good luck when they are passing the pain is terrible, and you have to make sure it's not causing a blockage.  Last year when I went to the ER,  they kind of treat you like you are looking for pain pills (since the opiod crisis).  I had to insist on a cat scan which showed the 12mm and the blockage and all of a sudden they took me seriously.

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Re: Anyone with experience with kidney stones?

Everyone thanks for your comments. I have not passed anything yet! I've been told they're small and not blocking anything. I'm drinking 1.5 gallons of water a day. I do like diet coke but have stopped drinking that. I have some cystral light and had a couple of those. I'm not in alot of pain or I have a high pain tolerance..who knows. My doctor gave me a prescription for an opeoid but I don't want to take that unless it's absolutely necessary. I read it can take up to 45 days to pass one ... hope its not that long. Meanwhile... I go about my daily activities. Trying to get a house sold and we're building in another state. No stress  

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Re: Anyone with experience with kidney stones?



I wouldn't sit still about this, but rather get serious with an exceptional Urologist and/or Nephrologist.


I've only had perhaps 7 kidney stones and those all occurred in my 20s.  The first one was a doozie.  I was driving home on 101 toward San Francisco, after a philosophy class at Stanford and had 2 friends in my car with me.  All of a sudden the pain hit.  I was going 65 MPH and was doubled up and had to immediately get over onto the shoulder of the freeway.  I couldn't breathe, the pain was so bad.  As it turned out, that kidney stone was the worst one I ever passed. 


Made an appointment with an Urologist right away.  His first question was:  "Do you drink tea and if so, do you drink it with milk?"  Surprised at this, I said "Yes, what does this mean?"  He went on to tell me that my body was making oxalic crystals from this combination and that I must not only cease drinking that immediately, but also cease all dairy.  He did indicate that I should try again in 10 or so years.  I did wait that decade and found that if in moderation, I did just fine.


Hope you can find answers.