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Re: Anyone suffer from Lactose Intolerance

i have real problems with Dairy for so many years and it's getting worse. i used to take the Lactaid pills but the made have little "air" burps


then i switched to soy milk but there something about it i didn't like . it was Silk Vanilla.


i don't drink milk (repeats on me)  or eat ice cream (bad cramps when it gets to the gut), no pancakes or french toast, no dairy in coffee, no cheeesecake, pudding. i can eat yogurt.


i don't know if this happens to anyone else but sometime i have had a cheese omelette with shredded cheddar. at times  i haven woken up in the night, say 14 hours later  with excrutiating pain and then spend time in the bathroom.


happened again last night, horrible,  painful lower GI spasms.  i thought i had a perforated colon.  i had made a cornbread dressing with a base that called for a cup of cream and a cup of grated parmesan. then it was baked.   so i had a serving of it plus a healthy serving of mashed potatoes someone else made (there was milk in them)


wonder if the Digestive enzymes would help?  are they the same as Lactaid pills?

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Re: Anyone suffer from Lactose Intolerance

Ashleigh dupray, Yes, all that has happened to me.  It will continue to get worse as you age (I'm 59).  The pills won't work anymore.  You will have to read labels to avoid milk.  You are right, no pancakes or french toast unless you make them "special" with no milk and you can do it.


The unsweetened almond milk taste the closest to milk and I like that for cooking and on cereal.  Don't get the sweetened or the vanilla if you want it to be the closest tasting to milk.   You can make french toast and mashed potatoes again!   Instant pudding does not set up if you use almond milk just so you know!  LOL


My poor grandaughter has it too and she is only 20.  Looking back, mine probably started very young but it wasn't very bad, so I didn't recognize it.


 It is a way of life for me now.  I'm used to it.

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Re: Anyone suffer from Lactose Intolerance

Words I see:

"Pain", "Suffering", "Problematic", "Excruciating pain", "Time in bathroom", "Painful", "Spasms".


I'm stunned when I read the above responses.
Can it be any clearer that we are not made to drink another species fluid?
Your body is rejecting it!
It's screaming at you, "please don't feed me toxins!!!"

But yet, we change a little something so it doesn't hurt as much.

Or take a pill so it doesn't hurt as much.
Or eat a little less so it doesn't hurt as much.


Whaaa? There are so many levels of wrong with all this.


Greater-than-zero chance the intestinal trouble mentioned on this thread is caused by the FAT in the milk products. Oh, don't misunderstand, the majority of the pain is from the animal enzymes your body is rejecting.


There are SO many plant-based milks out there. Soy, almond, coconut, hemp, oat,'re a fool continuing to donkey-punch your body with animal products. Your body WILL ways much, much greater & possibility deadlier you can imagine. A little OTC pill is not gonna fix that.


Makes me so sad to see people in pain...especially when there's such a SIMPLE solution!



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Re: Anyone suffer from Lactose Intolerance

I have IBS and I am lactose intolerant. Started when I was 12.  I'm 49 now.  I use Lactaid pills and drink Lactaid milk.  I can't eat the high fat types of ice cream no matter how many pills I take. It is actually a lot easier now to deal with than when I first started having problems. There were no pills or Lactaid brand products back then.  I am allergic to wheat, beef, egg yolks, egg whites and white potatoes. Those foods can trigger an IBS attack. 

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Re: Anyone suffer from Lactose Intolerance

Yoplain makes lactose free yogurt in 4 flavors & also ice cream
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Re: Anyone suffer from Lactose Intolerance

I made a mistake. The ice cream is Lactaid.