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Re: Anyone have experience using probiotics for IBS?

I have IBS and I also had 2 pancreatic surgeries. My intestines are really messed up. I take Andrew Lesman's Fibermucil (4 daily) and a probiotic. I used to take  Align but it did nothing. I've  been taking A. Lesman's Ultimate Freindly Flora for about a year and I'm much better. I don't go anywhere without knowing where the restrooms are. As many of you have said, there are times I can't go out. I bought the VSL #3 (expensive) my doctor suggested it but I haven't tried it yet. Im fine so far with what I'm taking, so I'll see. I have to go on anti biopics for a laser procedure on my teeth. I dread what's going to happen from taking them That's when I'll take the VSL #3. They also make a higher strength but the doctor said start low. I hope everyone feels better.

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Re: Anyone have experience using probiotics for IBS?



Not with IBS, but with constipation and pelvic infection.  The last time I had a problem with these, the doctor prescribed not one, not two, but three courses of antibiotics which made the infection worse.


I found out from Women to Women this is the worst thing you can do.


They suggested probiotics.  I ate an ordinary piece of Kraft cheese (slices in package) and it all disappeared!  That was 10 years ago.  I have never had a problem since.


So, cheese for constipation and irregularity and for pelvic infection.  It will probably help you with IBS too.


Good luck!

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Re: Anyone have experience using probiotics for IBS?

@frenchie wrote:

I tried yogurt once, hate it. Fiber bothers me so something like Metamucil isn't good either. If rather take a pill and try that. It's true that some things don't work the same in everybody. Thinking back, I think my mother had IBS but wasn't well known then. Her doctor told her it was all in her head. I'm not a fan of doctors either.



@frenchie  Andrew Lessman produces Fibermucil in capsule form, taken with food, more gentle, really works.

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Re: Anyone have experience using probiotics for IBS?

Probiotics changed my life!   I had several bouts of diverticulitis with the last one landing me in the hospital for 3 days.   My doctor told me I HAD to take probiotics daily and his choice for me was Florastor.   It has been 4 1/2 years now and I'm doing fine.    Probiotics made a terrific difference.   Make sure you get a really good brand....this is not the time to be cheap!    I get mine from Costco and that's the best price I've found.    Good luck.   Oh, I am 77 if that makes any difference!