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Anyone have a spot magnification compression view mammogram as follow up?

Had my annual mammogram Monday and got the dreaded call back this morning telling me to schedule a spot magnification compression view mammogram. It is almost a year to the date that I was in all prepped to get a needle localization on the same breast and was told they didn't see anything. They said I have dense breasts and I came back in 6 months for a follow up and everything was fine (they took 4 pictures at that time). This time it was just a routine bilateral mammogram and they only took 2 pictures and they didn't pull me in as far as they did in the past. Anyway of course I felt that rush of anxiety go through me. I go next week. I am hoping everything will be okay but I was wondering if anyone reading this has had the same thing. It is a small paddle that they are using to get a closer look as the nurse at the physician's office told me.