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Re: Anyone have CRPS?

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@sfnative hi and big hugs to you! Yes this was the external fixation device (gone wrong) after a high tibeal osteotomy. (to fix a severe varus deformity in my leg) Yes the surgery went terribly wrong. Has been a nighmare since. Im so sorry that you too have CRPS. Things have gotten very bad, am in pallative care and was also in hospice care... now and I no longer am able to even walk. The interthecal pain pump (no pictures) worked well at first but does not do much anymore and malfunctioned last october making things worse. I want you to know I am thinking of you and I hope we can chat when things get better for you. The kicker was when I got a severe infection in 2 of the pins (serretia marsecens) I hope your CRPS is doing are right there is so little options for those whose condtion didnt turn out to be self limiting. How long have you had CRPS? Im going on year 22 now.....again big hugs to you and I am thinking of you. xxxxxxxxxxx Stormy