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Anyone ever had a nuclear stress test (for the heart)?

I would up in the ER Wednesday with crushing chest pain. One of the tests they performed was a nuclear stress test (with chemicals, I could not walk on a treadmill). I experienced frightening side effects, including jaw pain and all-over-body trembling. They had to give me an antidote to the radio isotopes that had been injected into me via IV (three times, by the way, the test takes two to four hours). (That's all I needed, more radioactive material injected into my body).

However, it was a successful test and I did well. In fact I did well on all the tests and bloodwork taken. The cardiologist found no abnormalities in my heart and, in fact, said that I have an excellent heart (and lungs) for my age.

The chest and rib pain is most likely due to the ongoing worsening effects of rheumatoid arthritis, which I've had for eight years now, and not mildly. But at least I know that it's not my heart, and I can take the pain since I have it every day and believe it or not, one does get used to it. This is a new location that I will have to deal with.

Has anyone had a nuclear stress test and did you have any side effects during the test?