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Anybody follow a WFPB lifestyle?

I'm looking to transition. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated. I've done a couple of periods of vegan eating (but wouldn't consider it wfpb.) What are your favorite websites for inspiration, encouragement, and recipes?
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Re: Anybody follow a WFPB lifestyle?

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I just googled it.  I eat a lot of vegetables, but I also eat a lot of lean protein.  

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Re: Anybody follow a WFPB lifestyle?

There's an ongoing thread on this subject in wellness.  You might want to check there.

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Re: Anybody follow a WFPB lifestyle?

look on the internet?

or look on Pinterest, there are usually many links, boards of recipes there




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Re: Anybody follow a WFPB lifestyle?

Watch Forks Over Knives (movie) for an amazing inspiration that has changes so many lives!


I adore Dr. John McDougall. 


On his website there are TONS of success stories/videos and an interactive forum, much like this forum.   There's also a close group Facebook group that's very, very active for support.  There's also a link to his FREE program...spells it out & educates you why this WOE is best.


Dr. McDougall's message has been consistent since the 70's...eally most of the plant based messages will be the same.  No animal products (no meat, eggs, dairy), no added oils, little/no processed foods, lots of starches/grains (potatoes, rice, corn, etc) for satiation & veg/fruit. 


If Dr. McDougall, then,

-) Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

-) Dr. T. Colin Campbell

-) Dr. Neal Barnard

-) Dr. Dean Ornish

-) Dr. Pam Popper

-) and many, many others


All of the doctors will have narrative books, as well as cook books. (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) is another website to get started.  


It's an amazing way of eating.  Cheap, clean, healthy, ethical...and did I say cheap??!  Animal products, high fat & no fiber in our diet is the cause of SO many ailments in today's society.   Diabetes, heart disease, cancer...all stem from animal/fat intake & lack of fiber.  


Embrace the potato & starches!  That's what will keep you full.  Don't get swayed with the protein bit.  We don't need that much.  ALL foods have carbs/protein/fat!  Track your food with a free online food tracker like or (my favorite).  


Good luck!