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Re: Any over counter itch remedy ?

I buy ITCH-X from the drugstore. Nearly immediate relief.

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Re: Any over counter itch remedy ?

@Kitty Galore


I know it sounds too simple t work, but always try a paste of cold water and baking soda first.   It seems to work fairly frequently. 


One year I had a horrendous itch and must have purchased over $25 in various creams and remedies.  Having gone through about 8 products with no relief, I tried a baking soda paste ...... and it stopped the itching immediately.     Go figure.



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Re: Any over counter itch remedy ?

I use benadryl creaM BUT ALSO, use Arm and Hammar Barking Soda, make a paste with water and apply thin layer. Works great, and harmless.

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Re: Any over counter itch remedy ?

Update ....I have discovered my rash on my ankle and foot is from the heat and sun.  The weather cooled off somewhat and it cleared up.  In the meantime I did try the baking soda paste with some relief and also bought the benedryl spray plus my derm called in an anti fungal cream thinking from the description it may be fungal ....could have saved myself that cost unfortunately 😕.  So I guess I now kniw the cause what I can do once it heats up agin and gets humid I don't know 😏. It us heating up towards the weekend here.

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Re: Any over counter itch remedy ?

@Kitty Galore I also have extremely itchy skin, not really dry, just itchy. I have started using about a tbsp of coconut oil in my bath water, along with a couple drops of any essential oil. I can not tell you what a huge difference this had made in my skin.. I have frequent flare-ups of eczema, this has also stopped any sign of eczema. The spot where eczema usually flare up is not the least bit sensitive since doing this. Some other good suggestions on this post. Particularity interested in the Caledula oil. I'm about too look that up.