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I know what you mean ... It may be my age or living situation

but my anxiety has been through the roof about the last 2 years .....

i've always been a worrier....but you're age (71) and too much time on my hands....due to arthritis....has made things worse.....just looking for something to take the edge off......

Are you able to do mild exercise with any part of your body despite your arthritis?  Movement can be calming.

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Please do not take anything without consulting your doctor, even over the counter medications. Someone mentioned St John's Wort. While I am sure it helps many my friend took and had to be hospitalized. Good Luck

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Hi @nana59,

I don't know of many who don't feel some (or more!) anxiiety these days or else they are some kind of robot!


I do like St. John's Wort. I think it works the same day and you can stop or start whenever and no side effects. However my daughter tried it and got a rash and my son didn't think it worked.So everyone is different!


Someone on here recommended Body Align well bracelet. Well I got one and I didn't know if it was my wishful thinking or not-I got it for pain but I do think it calms and heightens mood and helps with tiredness and energy. It was about $29 online.

It does not have supplements or drugs but works on the principal of Meyl waves or something and helps with energy. Anyway it sounds strange but I'm glad I tried it.


Another person here recommended

alpha lipoic acid for neuropathy and reducing inflammation which goes along with arthritis.

Of course there are many supplements to try, Bach Rescue Remedy that someone else mentioned and others. But supplements or herbal or homeopathic remedies, just as much as an rx drug can cause unwanted side effects or are not the right one for each person so make sure to read about them.

And being isolated and pain can certainly not help anxiety and thinking about all the things we have to be worried about.Christmas movies where you don't have to think or anything you like. Reading here!


Also talking to people, looking, even sitting outside.

Anyway hang in there and hope you will feel some rays of sunshine coming thru even some each day!

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continued thanks for your help....i certainly appreciate it......i will do some research your suggestions.....

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I need to talk to my doctor but I want to go off Zoloft and I've heard good things about Ashwaganda

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Ashwaganda sounds like it helps many things. I plan on studying it further and talking to my doctor next month. I quickly read an article in healthguide (I know nothing about this site) but it was impressive.

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I watched anxiety do a number on my mother as she aged.   Our family holiday gatherings actually stopped, because of her anxiety.  


5 years ago was the last Christmas gathering at her house; I watched Mom go from being okay in the kitchen, to chain smoking on the back porch ready to scream and climb the wall, within 30 minutes of our arrival!   Zoloft helped Mom calm down, but she had to stop taking it shortly after her dementia diagnosis.   

I strongly urge you to discuss your anxiety level with your doctor, and address it medically.  Maybe your vitamin and mineral levels are low.   

I am not against taking any supplement, if I have proof that I need it.   However I have never walked into a store, bought a bottle of anything and just started taking it because my friend said it was doing wonders for her.    What is that supplement doing to my blood pressure, my heart, kidneys, and liver?  Why  are my liver enzymes suddenly abnormal?   Why am I having headaches, or acid reflux?   

I understand not wanting prescription meds, but please don't jump into taking anything until you talk to your doctor.   

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@BExplorer   Basic ....if having any physical/otherwise challenges.  Getting your diet right is critical.  Supplements make no sense if your diet isn't right.

@BExplorer wrote:

I know you asked for a supplement recommendation and I'm sorry I can't help you with that, but want to offer something else. When I clean up my diet my mood and anxiety and energy all greatly improve. Cleaning up, for me, means not consuming animal products, added sugars and processed foods.



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Oh My goodness .. I have also noticed sugar does increase my

anxiety level for sure ....