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@becca lou is your surgeon in network with your insurance plan?  I'm more familiar with having the doctor submit to the insurance company for payment and when it is in network, there is a negotiated rate the doctor agrees to accept.  


I know people who waited before getting cataract surgery and had improved vision once they had their surgery.  

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@snoop wrote:

@halfpint1 I was thinking you should see an ear, nose and throat doctor in case it's tinnitus, just like the other poster mentioned.  


Anxiety can come and go depending on what's happening in our lives.  Hope you can start eating better... I have always found carbs help me sleep.  

Why? There's no cure for tinnitus. I have it and was referred to an ENT "doctor," which was a joke and complete waste of time......

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Why should halfpint see an ENT?


Because then she could/would have an answer as to why she is hearing noises that nobody else hears, that's why.


Yes, there is no cure for tinnitus, and I have said that at least twice, but even with no cure for it, it's better to know what you have, than to always be wondering.


That's why halfpint needs to see an ENT.

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Sending a hug to let you know you are not alone ...... please consider taking

an anti anxiety medication.  An anti depressant can help with that.  I have

been recently feeling anxiety settling in and am going to make an appointment

especially with Fall settling in.  My favorite time of year but with it comes

SAD  Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Please keep in touch with everyone...... make an effort to do nice things

just for you.  Do what makes you feel good.  Something..... Anything.


It is nice to have a forum such as this to talk about what others are

going through as well.   Please take good care.... and remember....

One day at a time......... and don't overthink everything.... it will make

it worse.


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We go square dancing.  Friendship Set to Music.  Takes all the pain away

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