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Re: Angry at assistant in Eye Doctors office

When I attended medical appts with my mother, who was in her early 90s and hard of hearing, and before masks were being worn, I was amazed at the mumbling by medical providers.  I often told them Mom was hard of hearing and to speak up.  Sometimes they did and sometimes they did not.


Honestly!  And this was sometimes a geriatrics office, when I expect, many of the patients were hard of hearing. 

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Re: Angry at assistant in Eye Doctors office

@pattiewaddle wrote:

Had all my testing done and was back for my report from the Dr. Assistant came in and checked the pressure in both eyes and with her mask on and me with mine all it was a mumble and I ask her to repeat what she said and this went on through  the entire visit and I told her I can't understand a word you are saying I was ready to leave and stood up and the Dr. came and he knowes me so well and ask what was wrong so I told him  he made some excuse and went on with my report which was very good.  Thank goodness. I do not want her anymore.....was I right or wrong

What excuse did the doctor make?

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Re: Angry at assistant in Eye Doctors office

I'm sorry but I am beyond tired of people who will not enunciate or speak louder with the masks on.... And you have the right to see anyone you want as a doctor (or assistant).  I was recently recommended a Gyn and tried to get an appt.  I was told that none were available for three months so would I take Dr. XX for next week.  Ok.  Then I went and my appointment was SO uncomfortable that I never wanted her again.  I called for another appt, wanted another doctor, was given one and am very happy all the way around......

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Re: Angry at assistant in Eye Doctors office

Dr. and I came from the same area of Texas and have had many conversations about our home town.Ive seen him for 15 or 20 years his reply was yes I know about these  mask eveyone complains and some assistants are better than others....He also said by June no more mask in his office. This will all be I left with good report but was upset with the assistant.