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Watching the OMI Well Beauty show this morning ,and heard Terri Conn say QVC went  back to Naomi Whittel to be back on the Q with her products because she is the best in nutritional products. Then thought that is why I haven't seen Andrew Lessman on the Q any more,saw him a few times and was happy to see him as he was always on Q sister channel HSN .I did start using his products when he first appeared on the Q many many years ago then I switched to HSN and have never regretted using his products .Was in my 40's now a senior so everything I get from Andrew must be working.


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@Mimi NY  I also started using AL products DECADES ago when he first apperared on QVC,  and have been using them ever since.  I too am labeled a senior and trust the quality of his products 100%,  his research and information.

My husband and I have a core grouping that we take daily and then a sprinkling of other of his vits that we add in during the week.when we want to suppliment with more.

Swear by his Immune Factors and Ultimate Friendly Flora,  and several others.


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I'm not much of a supplement taker, but if I were to become one, I'd go with Andrew Lessman. I've seen clips of his factory and mini-presentations on HSN.  His reputation is tops.