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Re: Andrew Lessman's October TV Schedule

We prefer to take Ubiquinol, instead of Coq10, buy Tr Joe brand. also take Phytoceramides but find them on ebay for a fraction of the cost, and non wheat, I take ones that come from sweet potatoes. 

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Re: Andrew Lessman's October TV Schedule

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For anyone here who has taken COQ 10 and noticed a difference .... what did you notice?


I've taken a large dose AL formula years ago and never thought it made any difference .... just wondering what others know about this one.  




@Tinkrbl44   It is supposed to be good for the heart.  It is now in his Essential vitamins, so I only take the COQ 10 on days when I don't take the Essential.


At one point, my calcium level was high.  It finally dawned on me to look at all of the Lessman supplements that I take, and in almost all of them there is calcium.  As soon as I alternated days to see that I didn't intake more than 1200 per day, including food, it is now at a normal level.  I don't know why he does this, as it caused an overload for me.

Is this a new Essential 1 with the CoQ10? It isn't listen on the Essential 1's they are showing now........unless I'm missing something? Thanks!

I  think he only did it once as a special.  I have that one, but the rest I order do not have it.