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Re: Andrew Lessman's New Berberine 250

I'm guessing we won't be hearing about it until Andrew's next online chat. -- I want to

purchase it for a friend of mine, but im

not going to do it until Andrew talks about it.


When he does his online show, I think we should all mention that we want berberine discussed. Smiley Wink


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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Re: Andrew Lessman's New Berberine 250

@Trudey wrote:

@VaBelle3 . I have never tried the Cholestacare.  Does it work?  How long did it take to see lower cholesterol levels?

I took it for about six months, lost 20 pounds during that same time period by exercising more, reducing calories, and eating healthier (no red meat, etc).    My cholesterol was high normal before I started all this.  When I went back to the doctor, my cholesterol (total and LDL) had actually gone up instead of down.  I quit taking the supplement.  I upped my exercise, lost a few additional pounds, continued the healthy eating, and started taking Omega 3 and my cholesterol decreased.   I've seen good reviews for cholestacare, but it didn't work for me.